Steem Cartoon : Sending Message to the Masses through Cartoons

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Engaged for Government Posters

Just not too long ago, I was engaged by the Government of Malaysia to increase awareness to the masses. It is easier to communicate with the masses when you give them drawings and cartoons rather than to bore them with 200 or 300 words to send the same message across.

Personally I prefer the caveman's approach which has been proven since time immemorial to be effective. I draw to send my message.



The Government of Malaysia is on a campaign to increase awareness on protection of computers from virus, spams and other malwares. I am paid for my artwork.



It is always effective to send message the subtle way, not everything has to be direct. People get the message and sometimes it is more effective that way.



We relate the common understanding when it comes to security to the man on the street. It has an injection of humour and it captivates the eyes and the heart.



Sometimes were are tormented by our own creation which is supposed to help and make our life more bearable.



And finally if you fail to do what you should do...the effect is devastating. No point crying over spilled milk.


credit to @zomagic

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An image is worth a thousand words!!!x) And if it is funny is much better!!:D


indeed... I'm happy enough if it just brings a smile to those who read it... :)

ha ha
are you like cartoon??
i like it
thanks for sharing


haha... thank you...
Cartoon is the way I look at life... exaggerated and funny... :)


Steemit carton photo is awesome..I waiting your next post..Carry on bro


Thank You... appreciate your support.

These cartoons are amazing @sireh! Thanks for sharing your insight into the process and also a bit of client background.


Wow!... thanks for visiting my blog... honored by your comment. My pleasure to share my cartoons with Steemit community. Thank you again for all the support ya.

That artwork cracked me up because it is so true. The guy with the passwords written down is me at my day job. :D :D :D. I hide my list better than that.


Haha... Mr. @thunderbirdcomic ... I also have the habit of pasting my password on my back wall of my computer... that's how I got the idea...

All these strips are so relatable, especially the back-up data one haha


Top excuse list (from the student): "My computer corrupted and I forgot to back up my files sir... " replacing "my dog eat my homework"... hahaha...


Ahahahahhahaha but...but...sometimes its true sir 😂😂😂

terbaik idea n konsep ni..mmg menarik!!


terbaik lanjer laa... hahaha
23hb nnt pi Muzium tak?

hahaha really funny cartoon and talented artwork! I've heard you started steem-cartoon tag, well I just wanted to invite you to a Discord Server I'm running called Steemit Webcomics It's a place specially for people who like to write or read comics, webcomics, comicstrips, etc. It's just starting out so not many people is there yet, but the idea is to grow the community so people can start sharing and collaborating on the creation of comics. I will share you comic as well so people who join the group can also see your blog.