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Family Vacation

The addiction is getting into me. The school holidays has started and like all responsible parent, I take my family for a vacation at a beach resort in the East Coast of Malaysia. It is a wonderful place called Cherating, but I could not get my mind off steemit and my budding community #steem-cartoon. So, I told my wife, I got to do this...


I gotta admit that posting in steemit is kinda like eating dessert. Once you start, you dont know when to stop.

My Kinda Life

(We come with matching glasses)

The lady above is my better half. She has stood by me through hailstorm and blizzard. She is also my pillar of strength. It has been some time since I am so relaxed. The sea has a calming effect. Although the weather isn't exactly what you would call an ideal one. It has been raining here in Malaysia, but we come out before the rain starts and admire the South China Sea.

Have you ever seen an Asian Tarzan? This is how he looks like...he wears a beanie.


Finally, I am penning off IMG-20171125-WA0025.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays steemians.

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Nice broooooo


Pls follow me too and upvote me...


Sure... nice knowing ya...

LoL .. nice one bro


its an addiction bro...i must go for rehab

What a LIE!!! I can't see the crab or Coconut in the real picture.



the real pic, it burrow itself in the sand and its from different angle...hahah

Cool bro..keep it up


How was ur award in cyberjaya. Congrats.


The event is awesome bro..but sadly, I didn't win anything (T_T)


Its the journey that matter most... the winning is just a bonus... I salute your courage... steem on broo!

Nice one sir...;)


Thank you zen... where do you teach?... may collaborate one day... 😊

I like your style soo much!


Thanks @sanchezpuukko ... will do more in my spare time...

nice post bro !! terasa nak pergi bercuti ..


Haha... kerja2 jugak... family jgn dilupa...

tak kena ana ikan bakar ke kt tg lumpur?


Aisey... tak tau...

LOL to Asian Tarzan.. i'm looking for the yeti on your cartoon. hehe


LOL... this time around... im looking for many whales... hahaa...


with your talent, i'm sure you can catch one ;)