Steem Cartoon : Caricaturing Team Malaysia # 6 (@bitrocker2020)

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This guy deserves a special mention. He is none other than Simon Pang that goes by the steemit handle of @bitrocker2020. He is the pole bearer of #teammalaysia and so far the only witness from Malaysia in the steem blockchain.

He has been essential in helping the growth of many and I had learnt a lot about cryptocurrency and how the steem blockchain operates through his guidance.

The Process









@bitrocker2020 I Know

This is one guy that you see in many teammalaysia events. He will be there for steem-cartoon, myjuniors, steem-music, bootcamps, you name it. He is the right man to do the PR job for Steemit. He has also been very helpful because part of my upvote comes from him when I was still trying to find my pond in this big ecosystem.

Since election is near the corner and since there is also a big event planned in September 2018, here are my wish list:

  • engage more talents that is already present in #teammalaysia
  • have more meetups with these members that has been supporting the growth of teammalaysia
  • have some events to cater for the Malay speaking crowd
  • encourage integration because no community could prosper if divided
  • have a support system that focus on talents and let them reap the reward
  • there are many talented writers out there, if these writers are given more prominence and encouragement, I think they will benefit TeamMalaysia in the long run
  • identify people who are here just split, ridicule and make absurd remarks which are not correct representation of what steemit is and make a stand about such divisive action

It is always difficult to be a leader because the first wrong move will be met with brickbats. But it is also a brave and bold move to take up such a challenge and I salute you @bitrocker2020!


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Yes, definitely not easy being a leader . Totally agree with you on Simon. Love your initiatives Sireh and will definitely support you! . 🙏🏼💪 @sireh


Yup!... it's not easy to build a community but he makes his time and lend his support to many... salute him.

Wow... a drawing based on the Fibonacci Circle? That's gotta be next level!

You are right to say that #Teammalaysia would never have been possible if not for our Mr. @bitrocker2020. No doubt everyone plays a role and is contributing to it's success, but it wouldn't have begun had it not been for him.


Indeed... hopefully we will get stronger for many years to come...

Tqvm for visiting my blog bro...

Yes, our big brother. We won't have walk this far without his support.


True... salute him!

Oh wow @sireh ... Thanks so much for the drawings man ! Its just perfect . As for the wish list , we surely would try to address every single one however it does takes time. But with support from great individuals such as yourself , im sure we can acheive all our goals. Thanks again


Haha... it was fun drawing ya... you have prominent features that easy to recognized. Thanks for all the initiatives and support u provide to the communities.

Wow terbaik lah.



lol what are 'brickbats'?
Anyway good drawing! I've met you both and I know what you write is true. Although it was a brief meeting :D


brickbats are remarks which are harsh and uncomplimentary


Haha... thanks for the help in answering buddy...😊

The PR job is not easy and the hardest thing to find balance and equality too. Don't just make the wishlist for others to do. Make it happen from our ability to help it out. Cheers!


Yup! it's not easy, I agree. One must have a passion and patient to make it happen. Some of the items on the wishlist I wish I can help to achieve... some of it I made it known, so others who know better can help us lead the way and minimize mistakes. Tqvm for visiting ya Mr.@legendchew...

nice drawing


tqvm sir.

Wow, awweeesooome! I love the picture! You say "caricature" (like a distorted picture), but man! this picture is soooo much like the bitrocker guy! :O :O :O

Great job, man! :D

Awesome drawing !

I love the style of your work! What digital setup do you use? I have a Wacom Cintiq 22HD....Followed and upvoted!