Portrait Practice #5

in #steem-cartoon2 years ago

Here Im again just to show some of my portrait drawing again :D. For this time around Im colouring it because why not right XD. Its is really fun when it comes to studying how colour works. at the same time really frustrating >W<. Im not really sure how people choose their colour easily. I really take time in colouring this piece. So for now im just going to keep making portrait like this for the sake of improving my colouring skill and portrait skills. Oh yeah, Im planning to open a Booth at my university at on the 7-8 May. I will be selling some of my anime drawing and will be opening commission for portrait drawing (Black and white). Im really looking forward for this event :D. Oh yeah almost forgot to mention about my friend that will also be joining me in opening the booth @joi . he hasnt been active lately but he got some serious skills :D. Go check him out and give some love to him XD who knows he might be back for more posting.... I guess that its from me for today I hope you guys have a nice day and we'll see again later on my next post.


credit to @zomagic