Portrait Practice #4

in #steem-cartoon2 years ago

Here is another portrait that i made. She is a friend of me from my school. But we're not very close or anything, she just randomly came to my news feed and comment ``Hey can i have something like that too?'' Welp I dont think too much back then but I just replied with ''Sure!''....And now im regretting, I received some words from my friends that it is not good to blindly draw for someone. Im not sure why but they say that if you charge somethg too low you will kill for the industry.. and yeah I kinda make somethg similar like that.
welp despite of all that.. I still enjoy having their great respoond through my drawing, and thats matter :D...


credit to @zomagic


nice drawing.... she is cute, you should invite her to Steemit

hahah i will try XD

You captured her likeness very well. I like it!

thank you, it is a challenge for me at first :D