#My 2018 Sketch (A chibi for u guys XD)

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2b chibi.jpg

Hello there guys, So for to day i just going to show you my Chibi drawing, Version 2B. I just cant remember when last I draw A chibi like ever. IVe been making a lot of portrait and also anime drawing LoL.

So just a quick question, What do you guys like about Chibi in general? Well for me Chibi is very attractive because it make the character change its personality completely XD. Have you guys ever see a chibi version of Pennywise? Damn He is sooooo cute XD. One more thing that I like about chibi is that they look really patable (is that even a word XD ). I really like those smoll things because It feels like you can play with it around just like a plushie XD. I really hope in the future they will be a chibi drawing contest for me to enter, cause im really looking forward to it.

Welp that its from me for this time. I hope You guys enjoy My post, and we'll see again Next Time XD

credit to @zomagic


a big hug for u too kitty :D