Steem Cartoon : The Art of Living Dangerously

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This is one character that I am having fun in creating. Although it took me some time, but the effort I feel is worth it. I love to bring smiles to people and I love my cats. There is no other way to honour the cats in my life apart from creating a super power benevolent hero that takes after the cat's alterego. I present you...


He lives in a crime ridden metropolis. The citizens are not safe, a big burly tongue hanging monster is running loose, terrorizing the folks that is on their way for the manicure, the barber shop, visit to the local masseur and other everyday activities no longer a simple stroll around their neighbourhood. They needed an untiring hero, they needed a real crime fighter, one that kicks ass and look real suave...


There is no stopping him, when he spots a crime...he speaks to himself first and then, he summons his cat light agility to stop the crime...


The scum was spotted at the corner of the street ready to strike at another poor lady that is about to do her pedicure. Catman wont allow it to happen, he screamed in his cat like meow...


After executing a Cantona style kung fu kick, the scumbag let off the bag and the contents fell then suddenly dawned upon Catman that the villian is just another hungry bug that is trying to find his next meal, but of course he choose the wrong path...


They both realised that being a criminal and crime fighter is both quite tiring and calls for a short break.


Then, of course not everyone is a happy camper!

credit to @zomagic


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OMG... where can I buy this comic? ☺️
Great stuff awesome.
Complete the whole CATMAN and print it. Inject some local scene and characters to make it more interesting. I’ll be the first to buy...


tq abgmie..great to have such compliments from legends like you :)
Great suggestion!!..will apply it for the next strip!! honored!!

Your story is very interesting Rambai. Although short but I think it is entertaining.


tq manaisarawak..haha..glad you visit this post!!

This is hilarious. And they go get food at the end, cracked me up. I like your drawing style as well. I am looking forward to more and am a new follower. Superb!


thanks for following me donna davis..i shall follow you!!


My pleasure, great skills and funny too!

The face of catman while ordering food lol! haha. Awesome cartoon :D I'll share it in the discord group


thanks cob!!..and sharing this to the group!!..haha..i will get in touch in discord soon!!

You have a good skill,i like the story :)
keep up the good work sir


will do dalfiandi..thanks!!

You really know how to tickle people in the right way...venom is a kfc addict? Now I know.


haha..yupp.."the golden chicken promo in underway..must try!!"-Venom


Venom shld try tandoori naan


hahaha..yuppp!!..he will like it alot!!

Haha nice. Who's Kasim?


haha..nobody..just a parody for kfc!!


tq mior!!

Cool storytelling , love this style so much. It is very interesting comic, nice job.


thanks glennkong!!..glad youre enjoyed it!!

LOL...this is so funny and hilarious! I love your Catman creation ...look like a mix of Batman and Hulk all in one! Hahaha. Keep drawing!


thanks lianmok!!..i will :)..thanks for visiting!!

Nice post.. and I've upvoted and resteemed ☺


tq abg Don..!! honored!!

abam baio is hillarious..powerrrr boh!!

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