Art Trade With @aa10! Fanart of Rei Ayanami <3

in steem-cartoon •  11 months ago

My part of an art trade with @aa10! I... was originally just gonna leave it at the inks, but... I got carried away ^^;;

rei ayanami.png

Honestly, the hardest part was the pose... I don't even know why I was determined to draw it. I just?? It was the first idea that popped in my head, like she was floating out in space... even though... I mean, it's been a long time since I've seen Evangaleon, but I don't remember them ever going into space??? ALFJSLJFLJLSS ANYWAY-

Even after I tweaked it like 500 times, I just refused to do something simpler @ v @;;;;;; But the end result is good, so??? Hooray? XDDD


((Here's some progress-shots cuz Steemit likes that, idk LOL)):
rei ayanami 6.png
rei ayanami 7.png
rei ayanami 8.png

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is that "scream" on her arm? lol
good job you did here...floating into infinity ... woooooo


Scream? -tilts head-
I dunno what you mean, man 😂

AAAAAA, thank you, tho!! > w <)
PFFFFT yeah, just floating out endlessly into space XDD
wait now that I think of it, that's kinda horrifying


hahaha xD


..gotta say it came out good though for an undesired coincidence...


It was less an "undesired coincidence" so much as it was like?? I got carried away, I wasn't originally planning to go that far with it XD;;;

ok but srsly, who or what is scream ALFJSLlsjalfjsl

Thank you!! I like it so much! I enjoy doing it with you. Now its time to fly her to the moon. xD


I'm glad you like it!! x3333
And omigosh YASSSS it's a blast to do <333

PFFT omg tho, blast off, here we go XDDD
I suddenly have Fly Me to the Moon in my head AAAAAFLSJKLFJ