Digital Art by JowyAnderson - The Red Dragon

in steem-cartoon •  last year

Hi Guys, I am back with a new painting. This time I AM DRAWING A DRAGON !!!!

Its a mythical creature and its really a tough one to paint. Nonetheless, I finished it !

flame dragon_smell.jpg

The result somehow looked a little bit different from my initial sketches. xD

I actually started off with 3 different sketches.

Sketch 1


Sketch 2


Sketch 3


And I finally decided on sketch 3. As you can see, Sketch 3 pose is really dynamic, plus I really like the close up look of the head. But as the progress went, it turned out the pose is sketch 3 was a bit harder to paint. The problem , I think, is because I lack understanding in perspective and foreshortening.

Thus, I hope I could work better in these two criteria . >< Everyone is learning and I am learning very slowly. Its always good to compare your initial sketch and your final product .

I also decided to make my dragon a lot larger and fatter .

As you can see, I made my background that way using filter > blur > motion blur. This is to indicate that the dragon is travelling in high speed and you only got to capture it in a fleeting moment, with a high shutter speed setting, you notice his jaws widely open, preparing to fire catastrophe at any moment. That is the nature I intended to capture. The fierceness of a beast. An undefeated legend. A dragon.

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Amazing. Keep up the good work.


thank you !! ^^

I think it looks brilliant. How long did it take you to make this?


thank you ^^
Its took me around 3 days , approximately 6 hours in total .


It's worth the time :-)
I love how the wings are sorta lucent/transparent. Reallly cool!


thank you !! Im glad you like it ^^


On another subject, i just posted a short story i made today and i'm very curious what you think about it.
If it's not too much trouble, could you take a look at it and tell me if it's any good?

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Thank you very much !

This is incredible! I also struggle with perspective, foreshortening is always a difficult task. Practice indeed makes perfect though! Great piece :) Very bold and dynamic - lots of action, beautiful light sources! Lovely!


IKR !!! Foreshortening is a real pain in the a*8 . My friend recommended me to learn from Krenz master. You can google image "krenz cushart perspective" . There are lots of tutorial on pers and foreshortening.

Thank you so much for liking this piece !! Let's learn and work hard together !! ^^

nice work on the textures - love those scales!!


Thank you !!! You can find textures like these on reptiles. As I think dragon itself is a form of reptiles. You can get textures on animals' skin image and adjust the setting till you feel like it. (photobash technique)


yes totally! I'm always adding textures in my stuff, lol - but you definitely managed to find some that look legit on that dragon, so great job :D


OMG !!! Im really honored !!! You are the real MASTER David !!!! All your works are amazing !!


Very ferocious and majestic <3 Really good looking dragon!!! well done~

I love dragons <3 There's something just super high fantasy about them and I think you captured that very well with this piece :)


Amazing dragon artwork! I love it!