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Steemit is an awesome place to read and share content. My favorite things are seeing original art and reading webcomics. During my brief time here however, I've found it a little hard to find other webcomic creators. How am I trying to fix this?

I give you the official: SteemitWebcomics Facebook group.

Facebook is the social network that I use the most. Everyone is on facebook and it is so easy to use and link from. "Groups" is my favorite facebook feature. You can go to groups and just talk about one thing, whether it's comicbooks, art, collectibles, video games, or in this case Steemit Webcomics.

So, if you make webcomics here on Steemit, or if you just like to read them, come check out my new group. It is small now, but hopefully we can make it a fun place for all of us webcomicers!

Click the image above or click HERE.
If the link doesn't work for some reason just go to:

Please spread the word, resteem this article if you are interested in growing the Steemit Webcomics network.

Thanks everyone! :)


A group for Steemit webcomic artists? I'm in!

Thank you for doing this btw! :D

awesome! Thanks for the response! and if the link didn't work check it out here:

Sounds like a great idea! I don't know if I'm dense, but, the links above seem to take me back to this page, rather than to the group on FB. Can you respond with the FB link? Would love to join.

I'll be sharing two comic stories here on Steemit - one is a horror comedy graphic novel - Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space - and the other is a​ historical graphic novel about the life and trial of Socrates in ancient Greece. I hope you'll check them out!

You're right, it's doing the same thing for me. I'm not sure why... that's very weird. The html code is correct, but steemit must be blocking it for some reason.

Thanks for setting this up!

You're welcome! and Thanks for joining! :)

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