Daily Cat Drawing #20 (FINAL)

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Cool Cats and Busy Burbs.

Daily Cat Drawings_20.jpg

Hi Steemiaaaaaaans!! So sorry for being absent for a week! I was pushing through my last few assignments and trying to survive with terrible food poisoning as well ><"

I woke up in the middle of the night a few days ago dreaming that I had food poisoning, and turns out it was real and I was vomiting in the toilet.
Anyways, I'm back and this week's drawing is about the stepping down of the cats and the coming of the glorious birds! One of my favourite birds are cockatiels, just because they look like they're blushing all the time. They look like sweet old ladies who just wanna sing and ask about your day~

I can't wait to get started with the bird drawings, but it's also sad that I'd have to let go of my favourite subjects to draw... And to commemorate this day, we're going to be looking back at a few old cat drawings!!

My Personal Favourite!

The pose and the expression of this cat was just so perfect, I might even use it as something of a trademark in the future.
Daily Cat Drawings_8.jpg

And The People's Favourite !!

This post was the one that got the most upvotes. Poor thing, we just wanted to help it get out of the box haha!

That's it for today, Steemians. Thanks for reading, and have a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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No...final cat drawing already...this is my cat's only viewing pleasure. She will miss it so much....



Maybe she will enjoy bird-watching more? ;)

So sorry to know about you having diarhea ... siannya, silap makan apa?
Now that you have came back... with the daily cats draings. So glad to see them again...



Silap makan... Makanan korea buat saya sakit perut haha. Thank you @abgmie :) Glad to see some were awaiting them... But they will be changed to birds soon !

I have a few artist that inspires me so much to draw animals. I think you should check ‘em out if you haven’t already, these are my top 3 favorites:

Claire Wendling
Terryl Whitlatch
Natalie Hall


Ohhh thanks for the recommendations! The artists art look amazing :o

Oh no! .. I am glad you are fine now! And the drawings are really cool n.n will you draw 20 birds?o.o please consider mesange bleu n.n


I'm not sure about the amount yet, because a few things came to surface as I thought about how to improve my dailys.

and omg mesange bleus are so cute