Daily Cat Drawing #17

in steem-cartoon •  last year

Daily Cat Drawings_17.jpg

For a while now, I've been trying to draw an old cat for a character in my story. This is something... quite difficult to do. It's really hard to depict age on an animal for me because it's something I've never done. Sure you can add wrinkles, tattered fur, more wrinkles, but how much are you gonna add before it starts looking freaky?

This sketch I did delivered a sort of feel for a strong, old cat. Which is exactly what I was trying to create!
I think it's the chin and the size of the mouth...

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Another great cat. I think you captured age well. You are limited with what you can do because of fur. I think that age was captured by the facial expression mixed with the body language. The cat sees something that excites him but it's body is calmer than the facial expression, which is what tells me the cat is old.


Those are very valid points @thunderbirdcomic !
I've never taken into consideration his body language :o