Steem-Bounty at a New High- $217 worth Active Bounties!

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This is our latest report for the week 12th May - 18th May 2019. We will update this report once a week and let you know the latest in the world of steem-bounty.

Current Top Active Bounties

These are bounties that are currently active and pay users for posting comments on articles written by someone. Currently, there are 37 active bounties worth roughly $217.207.
Bounties change daily as new ones are created and other are complete. Make sure to check the website to be up to date.

S.No.Bounty PostBounty ValueExpiring On (UTC)
1Hand release push-ups on time?50.000 STEEMMay 21, 2019 9:05:27 AM
2Fitness has nothing to with age50.000 STEEMMay 21, 2019 8:35:06 AM
3Every comment will be rewarded with a @steem-bounty2.500 STEEM, 4.824 SBDMay 25, 2019 7:14:24 PM
4We love steem! But how can we make it better?5.000 SBDMay 22, 2019 9:05:51 PM
5Digital Innovation Lab: From Zero to Chatbot14.000 STEEMMay 26, 2019 4:24:42 PM

Essential Stats to know

194 users participated in 38 active bounties this week (post date range). The collective value of these active bounties was around 89.502 STEEM and 35.737 SBD for a total value of about 67.33 USD.

Top five bounty creators of this week

Bounty creators are authors who set bounties on their post/articles. They set bounties to encourage users to make useful comments on their articles/posts. The comment UpVoted as the best by the author gets the lion’s share of the bounty set on a post.
The top bounty creators of this week are shown below:
@rmsbodybuilding, @prinzvalium, @c-squared, @donald.porter and @knircky

Top five bounty hunters/earners

Bounty hunters/earners are users who comment on posts offering a bounty. The names of this week’s top five bounty earners are as shown below.

@digna, @tinyhousecryptos, @jacuzzi, @chireerocks and @wakeupkitty

About Steem-Bounty

Steem-Bounty is a platform built on top of the Steem Blockchain that rewards the community members with additional rewards, besides what Steem has to offer by default. Authors pay bounties to users who post useful and meaningful comments on their posts. So it is great to get attention and interaction from users even if you do not have much SteemPower.
For Bounty hunters it is a great extra way to earn rewards independent of your SteemPower: Simply do what the author asks of you and if you do a great job, the you may be selected a winner and earn parts of the bounty.
Have more questions? Read our FAQs or leave a response in the comments section below.


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Congratulations on this milestone! A bounties network on a rewards based social media makes total sense!

Nice to see coingecko having interest in bounties. 👍

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huge prize !

This project is amazing

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@steem-bounty, Thank you so much team. And keep up this awesome initiative and wishing you more growth ahead.

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I enjoy doing those bounties for pleasure. ;)

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Sweet stats on steem bounty, now if only it could be integrated into various front ends like @busy and @steempeak and @esteemapp it could really go a long way into increasing its popularity.

Theres also plenty of potential to collab with other dapps like @steemmonster, @dtube or communities like @originalworks

As far as I know steem bounty is working perfectly with these dApps you have pointed out except maybe you say it should be integrate it in the reward system of steemmonsters game play.

How do you want it to be integrated with busy, esteemapp etc?

Great stats! @steem-bounty is probably the best project that promotes engagement on Steem. Thumbs up @knircky

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WoW great to hear ! Your platform has really developed well ! Kudos to you !

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