New Fee structure

in steem-bounty •  5 months ago

After we have been running steem-bounty now for a few weeks and know that it works, we are going to run with a new fee structure to pay for some of our expenses. 

Two choices

 Users have the choice to either pay for the bounty via a %-age fee or use a reward share model. Depending on the size of the bounty or the expected popularity of the post, users can select what makes most sense for them The current model, which is active starting now are

- Bounty fee of 5% if the bounty has been created via a transfer

- 15% Reward share of the bounty post and 0 fee on the bounty itself if the bounty has been created via our website

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I think its a great news for all bounty hunters and lovers, go ahead with steem-bounty.

Do you have a blacklist containing Steemonians that abuse @steem-bounty?

A 5 % fee seems reasonable.

Good news from bounty. Thank you.

No lo he podido hacer por la pagina, lo hice por transferencia, tratare por la pagina, prefiero el 15%, gracias por la información, un fuerte abrazo @steem-bounty.


Hola, disculpa, ¿cúal es la página?, no encuentro la dirección web.


Ya la encontré, igual gracias : )


Disculpa que no te respondi, acabo de ver tu mensaje, un abrazo @syllem


Tranquila, encontré la respuesta rápido ; )

Your system works really well. And I think you should go with the -15% from the reward.

The bounty creator shouldn't pay more I think


We give the creator the choice between the two


oh ok.

Yeah my bad.

I tought you were asking the community which one to choose.

Thanks bounty for your service

I want to share your post why can not

good luck @steem-bounty, I always support your project.. this greatly helps our popularity in steem ...

Truly we are very fortunate, who always get the news. It is a happy news for hunter's beloved people like us...
inspiring effort for us...
Thank you so much @steem-bounty 😏😏😏

hello @ steem-bounty, a doubt, if there is a -15% should we make the transfer? assuming you do it from the steem-bounty website

My prediction is right on the nigeria vs Iceland match.
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Please how do i get the prize??


The prize is automatically delivered at the end of the 7 days after the publication of the post

Options are always nice to have - well done :)

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That fee seems to be fair by me.

Of course the expenses for such a community servic have to be recollected in any way, as you already provide a lot of time for the development, i assume.

Good job, well done!