Entry for SteemBounty Logo Contest

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Steembounty is a platform/protocol that allows you to create bounty reward for a specific task/contest. For example, if you need an attractive logo, a catchy company name, an interesting article or just about anything, @steem-bounty allows you to explore multiple creative ideas from people all over the world to get the best result possible.  And if you are a freelancer who enjoy completing tasks and sharing creative ideas, this is your chance to get rewarded.

Right now, they need a logo/branding for their website and social media channels. Thus, they created a bounty worth 300 STEEM to find the one who could come up with the best logo for steembounty and I decided to join the competition because why not?

Design Concept

Here are the list of symbols that I used to represent "bounty" and "steem"

  • Bag of Money
  • Crown
  • Treasure Chest
  • Dollar Signa
  • Steem Logo
  • Upvote Symbol






Thanks to @famunger and @knircky for making this possible.

Credits: Mockup Source

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