Which one did I pick?

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I am on the way to do some work in Dubai and decided to stop over in Germany to visit friends and family and to adjust for to the time difference.

Needles to say I am spoiling myself with one of these I have never had the chance to drive.

There will be lots of Autobahn driving and every hp of power will be put on the road.


Which one did I pick?

And which would you pick and why?

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I would have taken the BMW 😍

The BMW. I think much faster than the mercedes. :)

I would pick the BMW as well.

As I'm a Bavarian, you should pick the BMW!

But probably you have to test the maximum speed during the deep night hours, because our autobahns are mostly jammy.

Awesome looking cars. I would of picked the one on the left. Nice and big and luxurious. But both are beautiful. Ultimate favourite for me is the Audi R8. Nossa Senhora!

left one i guess....

I don't choose these two cars.
Because thier number plate is unlucky.
6634 means "shunning to death" in China.
1306 in China means "Very messy".
If I must choose one,
Then I would choose 1306, at least better than 6634.

6634 在中國的意思是"順順送死" "乖乖的送死".
1306 在中國的意思是"衣衫不順" "衣衫不整".
那就選1306, 至少比6634還要吉利.



I didn't expect that either :))

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That's very interesting.

I think you chose the right to drive. Right one is also the which I would have driven. Both are beautiful but the right one has something which makes it more attractive.

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I hope you picked the right one.
I would pick the right one for much better sporting performances.
Bmw i8 will eat the Autobahn.

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I do not know which one you picked, and I do not know which one I would pick either. Probably none of them, because I have not driven a car so far, and I currently do not even have a car driving exam/license, and I probably will not have those in the future either. By the way, these cars are very similar in appearances. Are they also similar under the hood? Both are BMWs (I also see the "i8" and "e63" amongst the tags), and looks like the left car is bigger, the right car is smaller. Other than these things I cannot really tell other differences.

The BMW i8 of course🤘

A man with confidence?


Personally I would pick the BMW, but oh men they are both amazing cars.

Considering that you like and own a Tesla and that´s my goal, I´am assuming you have a similar taste and picked the BMW too.

You picked the one other people who know about cars would be more jealous of. I would not pick either since I do not drive and use public transportation.

I may not be a car freak. But I think you take the BMW i8.

I would take a small car myself. But in this case I would take the BMW i8 because it has a plug-in hybrid.

cheers and good onward journey!

@knircky, 6634 looks really awesome and hoping that you chose that one only. Whatever it is, hope that you've enjoyed this session. Stay blessed.

Hope you picked the bmw.

Fun fact. When I was home in Stuttgart this summer a guy in my street charged that bmw out of the 3rd floor and the cable was across the sidewalk. 😂

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I just can't choose .....

Both cars look awesome ....

But if that would be a 6.3 amg or brabus then it would be a close call.
Maybachs are also great but for the luxury part, off course not hyper performance. It's not really meant that way.

I like the BMW i8. So I'll go with that :-)

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Benz is for class
BMW is for style

I think you will go for style

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Without hesitation I would choose the Mercedes.
I hope you did the same.

The quality of the suspension and the ergonomics of the Mercedes seats have no comparison.

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Go with the BMW, it is quite faster.

Definitively you will choose the i8 because what you want is to visit friends and family... and because you have tried powerful AMG cars, so you are up to try something new!

I would prefer the AMG though LOL. I love the SOUND of it!

In my opinion Mersedes. Not so agressive like BMW. More comfort and my mind with this car!