Where am I?

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Hi. Congratulations on an excellent win. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

Thank you :-)

I see a big plane, likely for intercontinental flights. The two cars are german manufactured. The signs on the cars can't be clearly identified, but they seem to be german, too. Probably you are on Frankfurt am Main international airport.



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Rostock airport in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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Frankfurt heading Bangkok?)

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You're inside of an airport, looking out a window while taking a photo of a plane you're about to board.

You could also already be on that plane :)

Your previous post mentions you are stopping in Germany and then on your way to Dubai so its likely that is your destination.

Considering that you were going to stop in Germany and seeing the Lufthansa plane, I´m sure this is in Germany. (Or maybe you just landed in Dubai and are baiting us all).

I would say this is Cologne airport!

Philadelphia International Airport.

Berlin Airport

I would have said: somewhere where Lufthansa has airplanes :))

Great bet!


@knircky, My guess is Netherlands.

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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