Problems with steem-bounty

in steem-bounty •  last month 

Hi everyone,

it seems that the upgrade to HF21 is causing us a bunch of problems and many of our transactions are not working properly.

Overnight steem-bounty and the vote club are not working properly due to the fact that we are getting a bunch of API errors, that seem to be caused by the upgrade of witnesses to HF21.

As a result please stop using steem-bounty.

We will make a determination if and how we will continue with the service.

Sorry about this inconvenience.

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I've not noticed any challenges though

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Steem is already upgrading to HF21? That is something new. Or at least to me.
I thought that they will do that later. I hope that you will continue with the Steem Bounty soon.
As soon as possible. Many people (including me) like it.

No way!
Let this only be temporary....

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@knirky, is it possible to get a refund of 6 Steem sent to @steem-bounty about a day ago. Did not realize you were having problems until after I sent it! Hope it gets worked out. I really like steem-bounty!

Yea i will refund everyone.

Let me check with team monday and then we will make decisions on how to proceed

how about the voting exchange club?
is it in trouble as well?

Yes, it had the same issues. We are still looking i to this but it seems the api, are now working

Dear @knircky, i feel really bad without steem-bounty, i discover there was problem on friday, when i set a bounty and it was not register, so as you told me i did not use it for me other posts, hope that soon situation will be fixed, you know how i am steem-bounty addittected...

Hope all will be well again soon. Meeting with team about this in a few hours

Dear @knircky, now steem-bounty seems working well, yesterday i set a bounty and it was working, so only thing to fix is my bounty i set last friday which was not register, you will set on the post or you will refund me?

Thanks one more time for upvote 😉 thanks to You im improve my account faster

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Just stopping by your page how I do every so often. Been so busy adventuring through Ecuador I didn't even know the HF happened. I hope things work out with the steem bounty and I hope you have been well! -Dan

Thx for stopping by. I hope this was just a temp glitch

How did your meeting go? Do you have any updates for us?