Bounty: Show me your Xmas Tree

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  • Show me your tree or any other xmas eve family picture.

  • To make sure we know it is original add a special message that shows you took the picture for steem-bounty or even just steem.

  • Post the picture as a level 1 comment.

A 50 steem bounty will be distributed among all valid and decent posts.

Enjoy the holidays




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Merry Christmas🎄 this is my tree😁
We decorate it with sweet Teddy bears, rabbits, Santa Claus and angels🎅👼😊

Oooops you have to rotate the phone😁

Here is the proof it's my tree😉🤳🎅🎄☄


Merry Christmas everyone🎄🎅🌠☄

Here's our tree -


Merry Christmas @knircky!

Wow perfect!

Hi @knircky
I hope it is not to late.

Here is my
Christmas Pyramid.

With "Steem Bounty"- on the right.
And the SB crosshair logo, build of CD's, paper, aluminium foil and tape^^

Merry Christmas to all of you.

WP_20181227_15_54_51_Rich_LI (2).jpg
Our Christmas Tree
Only for steem-bounty

This was how my tree was looking before christmas morning.



Bon Noël

Merry Christmas man!

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This is my family tree!

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Hereby my Christmas photo a tree without lights because the transformer went missing

Wishing you all good new year.

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Merry Christmas!! Frohe Weihnachten!!


Merry Christmas my friend @knircky and long life to @steem-bounty...:)))

Yes my friend...:)))

Merry Christmas @Knircky


It's our first time with a cut tree instead of a real small one... We didn't realise it still needed water in the stand, so we are losing one leaves at an alarming rate! However, it survived through to Christmas day, and is going to go out soon!

I guess for proof, I have the post I wrote for Christmas? It is the same photo...

Or when we first brought it in to the house!

Wow, nice bounty / challenge.. picture made today

Merry Christmas

The mobile phone in the photo shows my latest article.
Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas from the Old Guy


Photo taken just moments ago. Approximately 1:38 PM PST, 12/24/18. Would love to share in the Steem Bounty and spread some holiday cheer!

Merry Christmas!

my little christmas tree


Happy X-Mas and a happy new Year from Lower Austria!

Thank you @knircky and @steem-bounty



This is the Christmas tree I took when I went to the shopping mall. On Christmas Day, everyone was ready to celebrate the arrival of Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Needs to be your tree or picture about your family and needs to have a steem or steem-bounty reference. I.e. a paper with “steem-bounty” or “steem” written on it

Does the Christmas tree have to be a Christmas tree at home, not a shopping mall? Should you participate in this competition by publishing "steem-bounty" or "steem" articles?

Merry Christmas @knircky!! :)

Over here my classy hermit's Christmas Tree I use almost every year from long time ago. };)

Cheers!! :)

Merry Christmas! Even the Elf on the Shelf got a cameo!


I took this Christmas tree when I visited the Longwood Garden yesterday.

Our little pathetic palm Christmas Tree :) Hello from Valencia, Spain

Merry Christmas, and this is a picture of Christmas tree made by me .

my christmas tree

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i dont chop down trees for fun for 3 days.

Wünsch dir frohe Weihnachten🎅

Because I am too busy working this year. Did not have time to buy a Christmas tree. I saw a beautiful Christmas tree in the mall. So it was filmed。Merry Christmas。去去去.jpg

Hope i'm not too late


i took myself in the shopping mall,
name pavilion in Kuala Lumpur.

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