How it work this Hive Steem engine?


Dear friends

following the instructions, i sent 10 Hives from my wallet to buy 10 HiveP.

After that, i saw the value of my wallet changed, but i cannot find HiveP in the list of coins.

So i did not complaint about it, only as you can see from my post image, to buy coins you still need SteemP, so what for i bought HiveP if they are useless?

If i am in the, why i still need to have steemp to buy coins?

Dear @themarkymark, i followed your answer with link of new steem-engine, what is going on with it?


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everything is now just confusing,i hope things will get more stable in the future


I did not understand next.steem-engine either. Because it's very complicated. It works hard. This site must be edited and integrated into the Hive coin as soon as possible.

It is a total mess! Who know where tokens will go?

It is already a mess, for example i have invested in tipu my Steem SP and i am getting rewards in Hive without my permission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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