How to promote your book

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Experiment with as many social media platforms as you can until you see which work best for you. Create information sheets for each book and send (take in person when possible) to local book stores, newspaper, magazine editors, radio talk show hosts, libraries and schools to let them know about it. See if any are willing to write reviews and sell in their places of business. Get on as many websites as you can for exposure. What I discovered is that FB is my best platform; I’ve sold several hundred copies of my books there, and I set my target audience to reach 9 countries. Recently, my book trailer received over 30K views in 4 days. I’ve also gotten my book, my stories, and myself on over 30 websites which makes it easier for me and my works to be found. If you have time schedule a virtual book tour. If you don't then look at companies that schedule a book tour for you. Try a facebook party. Sometimes you can find a group facebook party so you only have to be entertaining for a half hour or so. Look at Facebook groups that allow you to promote and market in them. Put an add in the romance review. Now please don't take this the wrong way, but am I the only one that feels the author priced themselves out of potential sales? Personally, I would have to think long and hard about spending so much on an unknown authors book. Add in it's length and top it off with the genre and the odds are against it.

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