Economic Situation in Venezuela 2019. Alexander Rondon @chinotattooart

Hello to all Steemiants, Many of you already know me, many have read post about the situation in my country, and down at the link's I will be leaving several analyzes of Venezuela where I want to be aware of the difficult economic situation.

At the beginning of the year 2019, the government of Venezuela (The official side "Chaviztas") began to implement new laws that are supposed to help Venezuela and what they did was make it worse, because of that great concens.

Venezuela is maintained economically, with the wealth that provides this beautiful land, Gold, diamonds, crystals, Oil, Etc ..

Countries like Russia and China, which allied with the late President Hugo Chavez many years ago, have ceased to serve the Venezuelans, instead they take our wealth as payment for the large debts that the Venezuelan government has had for them. many years in large amounts of dollars.

Venezuela is an oil country, but ... Approximately 10 years ago, even in the government of President Chavez's revolusion, from 300,000 to 600,000 barrels of oil per month were produced, from 300 to 600,000 barrels per year. , and there is still the biggest problem for which the economy continues and will continue to decline.

The largest buyers of oil to Venezuela, would be Brazil and the United States, and with the sansiones dictated by the American government and the bonds of alliance between Brazil and Venezuela affected, Venezuela will suffer much more economically.

Possible solutions for Venezuela?

  • Possible Military Intervention.
  • Agreement between the revolutionary government and the international community (OAS) and (UN).
  • Possible presidential elections with international witnesses.
  • Possible Military Intervention:

A possible military intervention is and is not a good option, why? Because any government that is in favor of Venezuela will unite against an intervention and possibly set up a scenario of war between countries once again.
Also many Venezuelans do not want an intervention, because many Venezuelans will be those who pay the blame of others who did not know how to control a country, and what they do is keep the money to invest.
Believe me, Venezuelans are tired of this, and nothing would make us happier to see that man leaves the presidential office and face what he deserves. If death or jail would be relieved thousands of people.

  • Agreement between the government of Venezuela and the international community (UN) and (OAS).

As the years have passed, many agreements have been reached between them, as in Venezuela itself, with the so-called Dialogo. The only way to get out of this is to reach an agreement with the current president at a work table. , and begin with this government to produce jobs and food so that Venezuela may be able to return to being an economic power.

  • Possible presidential elections in Venezuela with international witnesses.

From my part as Oposito and Venezuelan, a presidential election would be a good way to get out of this regime, but it has to be with witnesses from other countries. Why?

For many years in Venezuela is trained and prepared to follow and respect ideals but not a nation, In this government, if you are Military, you are trained to defend the homeland of the revolution of President Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, but not they prepare you to defend Venezuela, that's why many guards left and offered their support to the president in charge Juan Guaidó.

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