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Going to try and make a few posts focusing on questions that I get asked privately where the answers may be of interest to the greater community.

Why is my post payout stuck at $xx?

Ref: https://steemit.com/steemit/@themanwithnoname/max-accepted-payout

Answer: max_accepted_payout is a Steem blockchain parameter that controls how much a post or comment may receive.

The default is 1,000,000.000 SBD and if you make a post through Steemit.com, that's what you'll get at the most. Of course, no one reached that to date.

The majority of 3rd party apps/sites that use the blockchain, like Busy, eSteem, and Tasteem leave the parameter as is.

Custom Settings

Some apps like Dlike use custom settings. If you try to jack up a post with a low max_accepted_payout value with bid bots, you'll waste your money. It's your job to learn how 3rd party apps work before using them.

Once the max_accepted_payout is reached, the funds are distributed with the expected author/curator split.

To my best knowledge, the full (potential) amount still comes out of the reward pool and the unused portion is burned.


When max_accepted_payout is zero, rewards are declined.

3rd party apps are highly unlikely to set your max_accepted_payout to zero as a default. The majority of them rely on beneficiary rewards to pay for their service and development costs. Beneficiary rewards are nonexistent for zero.

Zero/declined posts are not drawn from the reward pool.

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Thanks for answering that, GP! Now we know. :)

Thank you @guiltyparties,So nice of you to take the time to investigate this!
I'm lucky I broke even and hope other people see this post so they dont make the same mistake. resteemed!

This all add's up now,thank you for checking in to this for us!

WOW... so now, I understand the concept!

More and more things are getting clear now thank you, A little question, it doesn't affect if we do not use any third party application, does it?