Listen fast & talk slow

Listen fast & talk slow

Why Listen fast?

Upon a good conversation a good listener have the ability to think well to be enable to understand one's thought, opinion or explanation about something. There are lot of argue that was cause by not listening for not listening is not paying an attention and through this they feel like disregarded or not important to you. Leads to argue because you will never understand his/her state of being in the situation and also each of us want to be right, as always lohh, that's why people forget about giving sympathy to others and from that the both parties will experiencing madness and we don't want that especially to our family, friends , and to our loveones we don't want to split our relationship by just not listening that why LISTENING is very important.

Why talk slow ?

It is need for us to talk slow for us to be enable to let them feel comfort, for a slow tone of voice represents calm, kind and patience this what makes us feel good. It is a wrong thing that if the
opposite party is raising his voice then you will do as the same as he does

, because we think that if we raise our voice and talk fast they could understand well in fact their not, but rather releases an explosion that both parties will headed to a bad conversation and this would make relationship harder. Many of families, friendships, and lovers broke because they refuse to listen carefully and talk with a heart.