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The main purpose of morning ritual is on the process of the task or an appreciation of its side benefits to your life.
Many persons have misinterpreted the through meaning of "Morning Ritual" and has often mistook it for morning routine. But there is a clear distinct difference between the two. A ritual is not the same thing as a routine. A morning routine might involve exercising, showering, dressing, reading the news paper and eating breakfast. And because it is something we have always done, we know what to do and in what order without having to do much thinking. A ritual may involve these same things, but a ritual takes on a meaning beyond getting a task accomplished.

From my own perspective, my Routine doesn't motivate me throughout the day. They may keep me on good track, but they’re often draining me. And no fun at all. Some years ago my mom used to wake me and my siblings up at about 3:30AM to 4:00AM to join her prepare food that she will take to the market to sell. Believe me, it wasn't fun. Some times the cold that morning will be killing and I would wish she would let me be. This became a routine that I never enjoyed for many years and I still have to go to school at about 8:00AM. It wasn't easy for me and I always sleep in class. I also remember having a daily routine of ensuring that all doors are closed and everyone was at home before going to bed. This wasn't fun. Routine can be a big burden I'm wants life because you have to do it even if you really wish you wouldn't have to.
One that other hand, Morning Ritual is something you desirely choose and it's beneficial and enjoyable by you. ritual’s intent is to provide energy and enjoyment along with structure. A ritual is a carefully selected process that has a positive side effect outside of the task being completed.

Common rituals includes:

Meditation, daily walk, taken a coffee, reading a book etc.

Here is what Jill Weisenberger says about her morning ritual:

"I found a meaningful morning ritual a long time ago and have continued with some version of it for well over two decades. Instead of rushing out the door or upstairs to my home office, I gift myself time to sip my coffee while having meaningful conversation with my husband. I spend time thinking about my goals for the day and their potential obstacles and simply center myself for what might be in store. An important part of my morning ritual is my jog. It has become my meditation with the consistent steady sounds of my footsteps and my breath. By the time I’m home from jogging, I have set my intentions and feel mentally prepared for my day."- Jill Weisenberger

Your morning ritual should energize you. You should feel very excited and look forward to doing it, as opposed to it being a daily routine. If your morning ritual doesn't excite you, there is no point having it at all. Your morning ritual should be something you can easily and always do. It may just be something that will take like 5-15 minutes of your time daily. Your morning ritual shouldn't be something static or something that makes you become stereotypical. You must allow yourself experiment! So your morning ritual can change over time since our experiences keep changing daily. It should be something you do to take good care of yourself.

From our analysis so far, the distinct difference between morning ritual and morning routine or daily routine has been said. Thus, it is very important to set your morning rituals right because it energizes and motivates you. It is worth it 100%.

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Our morning ritual will strengthen us when we are weak by morning routine.
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