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I love love looooovveee your sculptures.. i need to own one when i get rich!!!


Thank you!🦄

Wow! This is actually quite cool. I never knew I needed steampunk in my life, but damn this is legit cool! Impressive. Great job on doing this :D


Everyone could use more steampunk in their world and that's a fact😜 glad it spoke to you🦄

This is a very fine piece of artwork, true to your name.

And I just knew you had big brass ones.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



I made a steampunk sonic screwdriver a while back as well, I donated it to an auction for a queer collective last year but it was a really fun price, speaking of doctors lol🦄😜🦄

Oh my you are so ready for blast off !!! How freak fun...Blast off it is... :)


Right?! Thank you for peeking in, much love wonderful Lady I hope your day is magic.🦄💜🦄

Wow, did you make that yourself? I would love to be able to do something like that, but I am so technically inept. 😂


Thanks, yes I collect scrap from dumpsters and use the parts and pieces to assemble my works, its super fun ;-)


The results are impressive! 😊