SteemBet First Game Screenshot

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This is our platform first game screenshot. Thanks for your interested in our projects. More different style and fun games will be coming soon.


ZzzZzzZZzz another stupid dice game.

I expected so much more... there will be five more dice games/casinos on STEEM in a week because it's that easy to create one. There is no point in playing here if you don't distinguish yourself better from the competitors somehow.

Gaming company with millions of users ladies and gentlemen.
Can't even tag the post properly.

"We're an experience gaming company with millions of users ..."

I have asked 3 times to show the website and prove the millions of users. Nothing.

Sounds like scam to me. Be careful.

They might be a problem but they havent done anything to require condemnations as I see it.

Hope for the best, right?

Whats the risk in quietly waiting to see what they do?

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"Hope for the best, right?"


"Whats the risk in quietly waiting to see what they do?"

I don't know. I just want everyone to be careful.

take it easy man. it doesn't matter. pls wait for our game coming soon.

It matters at the very moment when these statements are made.

Lets see. Yes i agree with you maybe they made a little rush with the anoincement.
But if they bring millions of users than i dont mind😁
Lets wait. I am sure nobody will dont make anything here until there is no proof😉

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That will be a really good idea. plus i will be happy for a black jack😂

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Yeah but i wanna use steem. I dont really like to buy some other crypto.

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A nice vote from the 'competitors' too...

Steem-bet. Lol. They're clearly scam. Whoever is behind this is just some talented guy looking to make as much money as he can from steemians.

They couldn't even tag the post well, they make very silly typos that a cursory edit would have spotted and they chat so unprofessionally. "Pls".. Really? For a gaming platform with already established millions of users, I doubt this is a professional team at all and I think it's just one guy and his laptop somewhere looking to fish!

Why it looks like magic dice?
Can't be something interesting . I mean to say if it is the game based on thinking power level

It looks like all the other currently popular gambling websites (MagicDice, Tronbet, Dice3D...).. I don't see nothing revolutionary... What differences do you bring to gambling world?

Probably that we can use steem/sbd to play the games, it's likely a similar game from another chain being ported over to run on steem tokens. Let's give them a chance.

yep. thanks for your giving. and we have a strategy to build up an wonderful game platform in steem.

just bring those millions of users and all my support is yours. What about delegation? Or any other way to earn some tokens?

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All the other gambling plattforms are expanding to other networks. How will you compete with Betdice and Tronbet once they copy paste their code on Steem?

I am not familiar with crypto stuff. But if they use steem it means there is a option that others will buy steem. Of they buy than the currency will be better. So thays why i wrote that lets see. Maybe it will be good for us. Maybe😊

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Be careful. The red flags are all over this post and in their comments, just like a shitty spam email looks like. Too many typos and errors that suggest this isn't professional at all.

lets see. I dont want to judge until i didnt saw the website. Than everyone is free to do what they want. For sure i will never tell to nobody what they should do maybe just i share my opinion.😊

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we will share the additional announcement after few days. and the screenshot is just the first game in our platform.

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Ok. Not a good start. That’s just Magic Dice which is doing quite well but already proven to be a waste of time and Steem.

Also, proof read your work.

I got the tokens, I have to wait for the site to go live before using them?

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Looks interesting!

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