Steam Black Friday Sale Begins TODAY!

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For those of you that don't know what Steam is, it's a client created by Valve (creators of the Portal game franchise) based on PC that offers users a huge library of both AAA titles as well as indie games.  The developer following inside Steam is massive, and I've often found better deals there than anywhere else.  There are a few exceptions, some sites offer better discounts, but Steam has tons of games available, and you can't go wrong, especially during large sales.

Now for the exciting part:

According to an article published here, the Polish Paypal Facebook page submitted a post mentioning Steam and a sale, starting November 23rd and ending on the 29th.

Typically Steam sales start at 10am PST, and in the last few years I've used it, that's been the case 99% of the time.  Paypal has also been helpful in revealing when sales might be, as they've posted about previous Steam sales before.

One important thing to note about Steam, is that as of a few months ago, you can buy Steam games with Bitcoin!  Unfortunately, Steam does not allow the use of STEEM or SBD. :(

I've used Steam personally for the last 6+ years or so however, and all their big sales like these tend to be really good!  Prepare your wallet, and pick up some new games!

Don't forget to save some money to feed yourself! ;)

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Haha, I know, right? I feel the exact same way. xD

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