Looking into Investing?

in steam •  4 months ago

One thing you can do is invest in you're mind. I believe its very important you can start reading this book. Some of the key areas are how the rich people and poor people think.
For a example : if you have Bob that graduated from college with a Master Degree and is earing about 45,000 a year as a teacher and you have Jorge that has his own business creating video content that's earning 1000,000 a year. who is the smarter one? I would say Jorge even though Jorge is making more money he is the smarter because he is making money while he's on vacation, going to church, on date. Jorge has a cash flow of a 1000,000 a year he could be sleeping and he will still make money. I love this book and I definitely recommend to all steam users that are wanting to have a passive income. Believe it or not I truly do believe anyone could become wealthy its you're willingness to learn and take action. And if you started investing in some steam with some luck who knows steam could be the number one platform in the world.

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