Stax, curation community and upvote service taking new delegations.

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Our daily reminder about taking new members for our upvote service and curation community. We have been growing fast and having lots of interest in our club. It's a great way to increase your post pay out and put your SP to good use around the community.

We are also hosting a little membership raffle if your the lucky type, go ahead and check this post out

Stax (@silvergoldbotty) is a delegation based community upvote bot and quality community content curator. We have a growing group of amazing content creators, and open to anyone producing valuable content on any topic or tag and using any block chain interface. We also manually curate 3 posts from our community every day and showcase them in our daily post and resteem our favorite from those 3.

When you compare delegation of 100SP to bid bot paying 95-100% earnings to delegator you receive somewhere between 0.04-0.06 Steem daily. If you casted 1 daily self vote with this amount of steem, you would be rewarded with a vote worth around $0.01. But by delegating to a delegation based community upvote bot like ours your same 100SP delegation will receive you a 0.16 upvote daily. This of course has the added benefit of promoting your own content, but also ensures your SP is being put to good use to reward other vested and valuable members of our steemit community.

I'll explain it all a bit more below, but feel free to ask any question in the comments, privately on discord @phelimint #3565, or on our discord channel here.


Stax (@silvergoldbotty) is a delegation based community upvote bot and quality community content curator. We have a growing group of amazing content creators, and open to anyone producing valuable content on any topic or tag and using any block chain interface. We also manually curate 3 posts from our community every day and showcase them in our daily post and resteem our favorite from those 3.

Members that subscribe to the service the will receive a daily vote after a 22hr timer expires. This timer goes from your received upvote to your next post. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you can always trigger a vote by "editing" your post and the bot will find it if it's been over 22hrs. The value of this vote will be based on how much each member delegates.

Your tier and vote will remain in effect for as long as your delegation remains in effect. If you are unfamiliar with delegating SP, it is essentially loaning your SP to another account for them to vote with, you always remain in the control of the SP and can revoke it at any time. There is a 7 day cool down period for the return of delegation. This is all run through the steem blockchain and tracked and foolproof. If you have any question about this please don't hesitate to reach out.

Stax is working towards making being fully sustainable through SBD earned on posting rewards to sustain our current baseline lease of 50 000SP. In light of that members are expected to cast a daily return vote on @silvergoldbotty's daily posts. Vote values are based on the the following calculation;100 000/(your active SP)= Your minimum return vote. (This means if you active SP is less than 1000, you will be casting a 100% daily vote) But please feel free to cast a larger vote if you wish to help support this service.

Votes received by members are weighted depending on how much is delegated. Currently every 200SP that is delegated will get a 2.5% return vote worth approximately $0.33 daily. This will scale according your delegation, and also subject to change depending on membership, voting % and steem price, but please consider a self vote with 200SP is worth only $0.02.

Here are the current tiers, and vote values

Please be aware, the current % will be reduced slightly when next month takes effect due to increased membership, but despite that I expect vote values will remain close to the current values as the increased delegation offset the reduced %, but vote values are mostly depending on steem price and the price feed, so if there is always some fluctuation throughout the month due to this, and if steem continues it's downward trend the vote value will fall more.

Please also be aware you do not need to delegate the exact amount for a specific tier and regardless of the amount you delegate an appropriate and scaled vote will be provided (the current algorithm is (delegation/80=Vote % therefore 100SP delegation =1.25% vote), the minimum delegation amount is 50SP, and maximum is 5000SP.

Tier-TitleDelegationVoteVote Value(current)

I hope this all make sense, but If not please feel free to ask any questions in the comments or on discord @phelimint #3565, or our discord channel here

Here are the links to delegate to the appropriate tiers

Recently this tool below has been my favorite for adding and removing delegation check it out, and thanks to @yabapmatt for creating it!

Otherwise there are also the trusty old manual steem connect links below

Please be aware you need to replace USERNAME with your username.

0SP-To withdraw your Delegation

50SP Minnow Tier

200SP- Lead Tier

400SP-Copper Tier

650SP Nickel Tier

1250SP-Silver Tier

2500SP - Gold Tier

5000SP-Platinum Tier

Stax's Picks

Good day all, i wish to welcome you aboard Steemit Stax cruise...this is your cruise director Dragon speaking . . There is a wavy ride over steem today, with turbulence in the crypotcurrency in midwest with cant find the page, this expected clouds i south east will clog and covering up bottrails so if it disappears, please just edit your post, and maybe coastguard can direct the bots back to your post .
Drinks will be served shortly. . I suggest strong drinks myself. Snack you can buy in the taxfree . Seasick pils is in every coner, please use them before throwing up the buffe... Have a good day everyone and enjoy your staxpickx cruise.
As always, we thank you for traveling with Stax picks, lets roll em waves>>>

arts and craft useful for flowers, what can be better?
#monomad by @brumest is a place to be checkout @@@monochromes

Dream a little steem..
Survival in anywhere in the world becomes extremely accessible because the individual governments and banks cannot compete against a global collective of digital do-gooders
People have become more conscious about waste and clean up because they are earning steem for placing trash into the compactors.
The kindergarten to university education system has taken off globally on the steem blockchain.
With homework, participation, and projects earning vested steem power.
How will your future change with the rise of digital money?

Boo to Monday :(, but Yeah to our great community.

Community Partners

I wanted to take a moment in our daily posts to shout out some of our community partners! There are lots of other great upvote and curation services across steemit so please feel free to check out some of our partners. Also many of them still accept subscriptions in Steem/SBD for everyone still inquiring about that option.

If you're a community curation project, please reach out to @phelimint #3565 to discuss potential partnerships.





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I really like this idea, one day one day i will get to platinum


awesome man, your welcome to creep up your delegation at any time, and no need to meet an official tier either.

I just added 50 SP more to my 400 SP delegation


awesome, I'll have your vote changed shortly