How to add Status Token (myetherwallet) / SNT 토큰 추가방법입니다.

in status •  2 years ago

Add custom Token(커스텀 토큰 추가) 버튼 클릭하시고 아래 정보 입력하시면 됩니다.

Address : 0x744d70FDBE2Ba4CF95131626614a1763DF805B9E
Token Symbol : SNT
Decimals : 18


StatusNetwork :
myetherwallet :
Status :

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kr-ico테그를 다시면 더 많은 분들이 보실것 같습니다

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Thanks a lot i was stuck ! got the wrong adress at first ^________^

I sent ethereum from in exchange for SNT. However, after adding the custom token as per your instructions (thanks), my balance seems to be 0. Could you perhaps point me in the directions as to getting this resolved?

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