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When I first joined Steemit, I saw it as an opportunity for people to discover their talents. When I use Facebook there are times I want to share a project or a story but in order to do so I have to branch out to other social media sites, such as Instagram & Pinterest because it's too much for one "status update." If people realized that Steemit is more than a or a Facebook, but the potential to be a complete online persona of who we are as individuals, we could really attract the masses.

This is my dream for Steemit and I don't believe there are any rules set in stone on what we can and can't post other then citing sources as necessary and I don't believe a post having value is subjective to writing a chronicle. I hope Steemit will continue to expand individual profiles and eventually we can tailor them to our liking. I will keep using Steemit under this belief and I am going to keep trying to get my friends to join this platform and push them to share whatever makes them happy, be it YouTube videos or cat memes.

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Hopefully they won't be convinced they have to post 5 star posts consistently in order to appease the whale gods. I encourage everyone to vote for whatever makes them smile and not to judge or harass others based on what was voted on that day.

I believe a lot of people have potential in this world and if we could encourage them to just come hang out and stay awhile by harnessing a nurturing environment, we could open their eyes and even discover some real talent along the way.

Until next time.


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Completely agree with this:

"in order to appease the whale gods"

I think most people get to caught up in trying to get the big votes aswell. When they should be building a following to grow together with. Building a team could be just as good as a whale.


yes... currently 69 votes doesn't even = 1 small whale voting at 5%
Sometimes a team of minnows just can't stand up to the power

lol nice meme here
thanks for sharing your thoughts!
keep steemin!!~

75 votes 3.75... :(


77 votes 3.56!...


The Power of the minnow!!! As you can see, the more minnows = less reward
Can someone call a whale.
I know 1 of these 79votes has atleast a "Big guy" on speed-dial.


130 votes and 50$?

Yup. Talent. I'm trying to find some. Lol


I agree. Steemit has a chance to be so much more than some realize. I just hope enough of us realize it to keep it alive..

Lol, such a funny picture!
Good post too ;D

In order to get more people to join steemit, the voice of the minnows need to be heard. Otherwise, they will just frustrated and leave Steemit. The end result could be there are more people leaving Steemit compared to those who are joining. A better level playing field for the minnows should be implemented immediately before the problem becomes worse. #minnowsunite

It's kind of a catch 22 though. In order to make it more profitable we need more people, in order to attract more people we need it to be more profitable to them. Hopefully we can crack this dilemma. The large payouts of the past have attracted only transient interest in my opinion because they can only apply to a very small number of people when the Steem price is low.

You have a new follower... :)