Steem blocksize report #3

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This report covers blocks mined between:

September 12, 2016, 12:00 am UTC and October 13, 2016, 11:59 pm UTC

During this period, a total of 919 242 (+0.27%) blocks were mined, with a total size of 0.80 Gb (-15%).

The first thing we notice here is that the number of blocks over a period of 32 days is almost the same compared to the previous report, which highlights the power of the Steem blockchain in producing an almost constant number of blocks per fixed period of time.

We also notice a drop in the total size of blocks.

As usual our first chart is a semi-logarithmic chart that shows overall block size during this period, highlighting the min, average and max block sizes recorded.

Overall daily block size (in bytes)


Min115 bytes+0%
Avg941 bytes-14.5%
Max65503 bytes+0.045%
Deviation1651 bytes-11%

In the above chart, we notice a drop in the average blocksize as well.

The deviation dropped as well, which is an indicator that the blocks size is getting closer to the average.

In our next chart we take a look at the distribution of blocks depending on their size, to get a clearer picture of the percentage of empty blocks and full ones, and also the percentage of blocks below and above average size:


Size range (in bytes)Number of blocks%% change %
< 12139 6494.31%+10.21%
121-941632 52768.81%-0.78%
941-50000246 99626.87%+0.37%

The above data indicates that the structure of blocksizes remained almost the same with the majority of blocks being below the average size.

We also notice an increase in the number of empty blocks.

In conclusion, it seems the blocks are getting smaller, it can be due to less posting activity and/or shorter posts.

However, the Steem blockchain is still looking healthy and ready for more growth in regards to blocksizes.

Previous report: Steem blocksize report #2

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How large is the blockchain right now?


The data directory in my full node is about 8.9 Gb.
The blocks total size is around 3.5 Gb as seen below (click to enlarge).



Nice, thanks....

excellent work being done to improve performance, this platform congratulations on the results thank you very much for sharing


Thank you!

Yes and its been very quiet for the past 2 nights. thanks for the report upvoted.

Probably will have to do for now

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