South Korea shoots out the lights and breaks through the ceiling.

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This week we have seen some more record growth but the action from Asia and mostly from South Korea is astounding.

This time around Asia has left the Americas behind like they were parked.

As can be seen from this graph the traffic is mostly coming from Eastern Asia.

Graphically It looks like this.

Zooming in we can delve deeper into the cities in the Eastern Asia region

Zooming into South Korea we can see how the traffic is distributed but city.

Overall the usage is just booming, we have broken through the 300 000 level and are now flirting 350 000 baseline.

Over the entire history of steemit it looks as follows but the latest spike hasn't registered on the graph at

So the Alexa rank is responding as well.


This is good news since South Korea is a booming economy and they are not going to ban cryptocurrencies there.

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South Korea is going huuuuuge!

We can see STEEMIT at top 1000 in next month of time!


As a member of Korean community, I am so excited by this amazing fact!

Yes, We are really booming!

Another Stat site made by @segyepark (

That is crazy since South Korea is trying to stop their people from using cryptocurrency because their government now considers cryptocurrency a form of gambling (Gambling has been illegal in South Korea). It is strange human behavior when you outlaw something to a specific group, that group will find ways to get around the law at an accelerated pace than normal.

South Korea is going to put Regulations/Guidelines to make sure of NO money Laundering type of issues come up, but will not Ban due to so many innovative ideas come out from South Korea (Aka Exporting Value and Importing Wealth into their country). It is making their country boom with more technological advances and creating more jobs and wealth.

Now North Korea has been the greatest beneficiary of Bitcoin due to Hacking and stealing Bitcoins and Hiring Miners in China to send Bitcoins into North Korea. And Bitcoin skyrocketed in price. People just need to becareful with their PRIVATE Keys and exchanges be robust, so they don't get hacked.

@rayonitever Where's the best place to get news about SK and crypto situation? I really don't see SK banning crypto for the mention reasons.

Many people including Miko Matsumura (One of the most respected dude in Crypto) retweeted Joseph Young's Tweet.
Joseph Young was the guy in South Korea fighting all the FUD. He has his own bio on twitter so I will leave to that as an Intro of him.
His Twitter - @ Iamjosephyoung

will not Ban due to so many innovative ideas

This is great news. It's good to know the government has enough vision to know the future means of creating wealth; and not attempt to stifle the majority of investors working for the good of the economy.


This is not possible they cannot stop thier people from using crypto currecy.
beacuse its future currecy.

Sounds like a case, of 'can't beat 'em...join 'em.' It's all good news for crypto!


that great.
lets get connected.

I was thinking the same thing, but look at the reaction on the ground:
Plus this news:

And it's not clear that the "ban cryptocurrency" crowd currently has any political clout in South Korea.

nice blog follow you blog thanks...

Gambling illegal? When government tries to control every aspect of human life.i can do whatever I like with my money so far as am paying taxes and not hurting wonder they are turning to cryptos...about time

Bitcoin is not afraid of South Korea!;)


I'm fine with some degree of regulation. The totally legal stock market is the exact same thing. It is on some level gambling. But it's gambling that makes a lot of people a lot of money that have vested interest in the government which makes it totally legal in a lot of countries. The "man" (lol) is cool with gambling if they getting a cut. Hmm.

that group will find ways to get around the law at an accelerated pace than normal.

Yes, it forces people 'underground'. In this case, decentralized blockchains are changing the world. I read where North Korea has billions in much for sanctions.

As I read your post, I was reminded of the Berlin Wall, and how people literally tunneled through to the free side.

Fast forward a few decades, and the US wants to spend billions to prevent people from entering illegally. This is pure foolishness, as millions could be spent on drones with sensors to send pinging radar to law enforcement. It's been proven that the cartels have a huge tunnel-system in place already.

The so-called wall is one thing I hope the POTUS will rethink for a less-expensive solution. I know he ran it as a part of his campaign; but, I think the dollars could be better spent eradicating some of the trillion-dollar debt.


I hope Korea will manage to override this shi*...

good good good!!!

Thank you @gavvet for all you do for Steemit!

Thanks to you and the community, Steemit visits in December are up 80% compared to November! 34mn people have been on the website !

Check all the Datas here: Steemit Statistics & Big Data: 🚀 End of 2017 Update 🚀

This is really cool - where do you get the data from?

Some Africans have joined the platform but get discouraged after writing a very quality post hoping that a whale will see and in the end you end up with $0.00, 0.12, 0.7. Many of us have abandoned the platform and others now think that there is no such thing as a grate post, while the rest of us have resorted to doing challenges to give us little hope. Probably if there was a tag for Africa or an African whale that curates post from Africa it would have enabled more Africans to join the platform. Many at times I would want to share African culture but then who is going to see it, who is going to upvote it. On the other hand I really do like the Asians, they don't give up easily no wonder they keep on excelling in technology. Thanks @gavvet for sharing

A lot of people give up after not getting upvotes... not just Africans. I'm glad I stuck with it. Connecting with people who really interest you and not just looking for a payout may be a way to success.

I'm interested in connecting with people from all over the world, Africa included. I'd like to share with people how they can transact directly with crypto and #BypassTheBanks. Steemit is a great way for me to be able to do that, even if I don't get much of a payout.

And, no less of a plus is that it's fun, educational and, improves your Gramma as well! (And, if you're a conscientious literary student, your grammar too.) But especially-if Gramma nits Woolen scoffs as well!(Let's not mention vokabilry 2! sicc) mathewdavid makes a lot of sense and, if we all can upvote him in the fucha, a lot of cents too! Go Mat! (And wouldn't it be really cool if Africa could also become an integral part of the world!Then we could really begin to shteem, just like our Yiddisha brothers. Muzzletoff!

Upvoted and resteemed, thanks for the great info. But do you think Korea is already saturated?

Whats the total number of steem users?

Korea is doing astoundingly but being who I am, I couldn't help being biased by this:

Look at Africa

Nigeria is rapidly moving up in the ranks. People are really motivated (for many reasons) to hop on the cryptocurrency revolution.

Hmm what could be causing the boom in traffic from asia most especially south korea? Is it because they are planning to ban bitcoin there? The traffic from africa is like the lowest among all the continents, we need to try better to get the word out over here in africa.

World of governments trying to stop cryptocurrency in their country because people are becoming rich by cryptocurrency so the government is trying to ban crypto currency
Thanks for sharing @gavvet.

Asia has been one of the most outstanding continents in terms of development from the onset, South Korea in particular. Thanks for this wonderful piece.

this is great,steemit is almost ranked in the top 500 in the usa from 1000 where it was just last month, in no distant time steem,s network effect could be bigger than that of bitcoin. steem has that potential

Yeah bro steem is the most amazing blockchain on the market right now, hands down. @darkerhorse

Great news. There is no limits for STEEM. This year started amazing and there is no reason why we should not go much higher.

Nice post...
Please upvote my post...

very good post

Holy cow, I don't know how you figure all this stuff out, but I appreciate that you do. Wouldn't have a clue if it weren't for posts like this. Not just informative but in human speak. Keep on keepin' on.

Keep on truckin' windrockswater! If we all can synchronize the thread with perhaps just a touch more humanitariani
sm as well, surely we could also begin to make the whole world a BIT of a better place for all.

An amazing participant that Steemit's website will know is a very big boom and will compete with all the powerful social networks of Algebra

And yeah, as we all know yet, this is just the beginning.

The moment people realize that they can do the same things they do on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, and at the same time generate income with it ...

At that time, Steemit will replace all those social networks. But well, im just happy to see this graphs, this means a lot for STEEM, and for everyone of us.

Steem ON.

You are absolutely right, the actions of South Korea are, to put it mildly, strange and such behavior on the market is not permissible. Crypto-currency technologies can not be stopped and if the South Korea throws its population back into the past, then this is a big mistake! Thank you @gavvet

It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the encouraging report.

the numbers are soaring incredibly quick. In the event that the pace continues getting quicker and speedier, I can't envision how famous steemit will progress toward becoming before the year's over. I like where this is going

Awesome statistics.. I wonder why South Korea would think of that though

@gavvet yeah bro south koria govt passes the ordees of kyc documents is compulsory for the transitions that is crypto or any other is not a matter but definstely you must used to link your transaction with that is the reason bitcoin price is goes down after the huge higj rate..thank you for sharing info with us...
Have a nice day

Growth growth and more growth...

dear bro Crypto-currency technologies can not be stopped and if the South Korea throws its population back into the past, then this is a big mistake

Every cryptocurrency investor was having an earthquake in their hearts the last week due to threats by South Korean government to ban cryptocurrency. But what is done with brain power is an investment not mere gambling. Thanks for sharing.

I like your informative post. Latest update with graph chart.

Little but Great country. The North Part saw the light and now trying to start new negotiations I think. Despite this, the PEACE should be our priority.

Cryptocurrency is more popular in aisa right now. Specially china,japan, korea. It's growing up Good to see your post here. You did well post as usual. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward your next valuable post. @gavvet
Always i like your post and also love to leave a cmnt. @gavvet

Excellent article. I expect a sharp rise in the cost of Steem and SBD. At this rate, the $ 20 mark is not the limit.

Отличная статья. Жду резкого роста стоимости Steem и SBD. Такими темпами отметка в 20 долларов не предел.

The influx of new entrants in Steemit will continue unabated, hence the Alexa ranking will progressively upgrade. Thanks @gavvet for the stat info.

Slowly but surely, Asian proved to have begun to surpass America and Europe in all fields, after industry and otomorif now turn Cryptocurrency who left parked.
Sorry .... this is part of our pride

many people of my country in Asia are joining steemit as a full job ,

a very nice post. Thank you. I wish you continued success

It is very informative post.From this feed i know about many kind of knowledge.keep it up
resteem done

i am also Asian . Asian really take interest on steemit :)

Very interesting to see this-- I would be really curious to see what Steemit's Alexa ranking might be, in South Korea alone; used to be able to pull that sort of stuff up on Quantcast before they became all weird and behind a paywall. I bet to would be top-100.

Imagine if Russia adopts cryptos like South Korea. It will make it seem that SK market is insignificant. And imagine if all countries get into crypto as well... the world will be so much better!

This graph will shift to Nepal, once crypto is legalize in Nepal.

extraordinary stats from you

Just wait until north and south America start to really get into crypto, all the more reason to invest now, especially steem.
Thanks for sharing the graphs.

Artikr yang bagus

A progress for east asia especially south korea, hopefully still continue.

thata great,
just steemt it.

So how do we get this to trend here in the U.S.?

One thing this shows is the massive potential in so many areas of the world.

Great post dear,,,, As an Asian I am really happy to see this news.
Hope , In future huge percent of the user, will be increased in Asia.....

Nice article its been lot more informative to me....

That is the believe and confidence of the Asian tiger like South Korea. They have the believe that their economy is better than the America. I follow and upvote you.

Great @gavvet. Very remarkable growth network in South Korea. There is a lot of success there. I am motivated to be as successful as you are here. Greetings me from Aceh, Indonesia.

STEEM is not only HOT !

kripto paradan vazgeçmek imkansız artık.

Asia is vastly becoming the next tech hub for all next generation innovations. In past decades we have seen middle class in Asia gaining more wealth and a lot of population moving from poverty class to middle class. With this shift, gradually people's spending power has also increased.
Now more and more people are doing investments, planning for their future that earlier. Its evident from such huge Crypto rush in major Asian economies.

Yeah majority of traffic is coming from east asia, that also makes it more vulnerable, if one of the countries stops this crypto cutrency, then that has a global impact

Welcom in pakistan steemit

excellent publication, I hope to see you soon for my blog

Its amaizing that the countris which top this businesses its illegal Uganda we should step-up our game

OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I give you a vote !!

I think in next 2 year in pakistan steemit will top on facebook

And I reckon that if we all love steem enough, we could even call the new currency lovesteem! Love u steem. Go Pakistan, go Pakisteem!

South Korea is unstoppable ... no one can stop it.

Pretty awesome rank in the US as well, things are looking very good.

Thanks @Gavvet this really helps uplift our spirits and faith in this platform. The more this grows the better stability and assurance we will be able to give investors.

Upvoted and resteemed!

This shows the future of steemit is great

Ban one coin and thousands others to take its place

Woah, the numbers are skyrocketing really really fast. If the pace keeps getting faster and faster, I can't even imagine how popular steemit will become by the end of the year. I like where this is going!

Trending trendo! Let's all then try and truly translate our transient treasures into more philanthropic payouts as well. As the old adage goes: The more you put in, the more you will take out! Well, could we then all term it as an adage, as well? (Thanks Aunt Jane)

The Koreans better hope Chinese officials make good on their plans to curtail bitcoin mining, as much of the pollution that wafts over there can't be all that pleasant to inhale. At least steem is relatively environmentally friendly compared to the big boys.

Not gonna stop it any way no how........ Crypto is the future.....face it......

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Wow these are very cool charts. I wonder if you made them all by yourself!?

The Best way and the most reliable one - find the gems (fundamentally strong projects which have strong team, a product in the mind to solve an important issue with high utility value). Ideally, it should have a reasonably deep moat vs. competitors. This is the recipie for success! Earlier or later the market will recongize the value of the project and will award you with immence profits. Real life example, RLC token (iExec) >+100% today! This pick was included in our portfolio yesterday and published here

but Unfortunately if talking about record right now. in particular about bitcoin. I today still experiencing the loss of 3 million for the decline price ... since the early December until January 2018 this yet also up on the target I wanted .... and please help me Yes ... to the growth of branches I ...

I like to see worlds and thoughts change. It has always been like this: less freedom the more you want it / the more freedom the more you disparage!

Communism sooner or later will end, every force to oppress peoples will end!

Wow, I didn't know the head lead of E Asia is that significant. Gonna be following your charts now, nice to find you here @gavvet . Followed, 100% upvoted, resteemed!

wow thats great news for us.
Thanks for share to us.

thanks share useful information

I'm currently listening to mspwaves radio show with a bunch of new recruits from Youtube talking about their reasons for making the switch.

The growth potential here is still absolutely massive and I have a strong feeling these charts are going to continue pointing north.

Great to see this data, cheers!

good analysis

Well, there is massive growth, but if the government really does want to stop more users from getting into to cypto they will block internet access to such sites. You could still use a VPN, but most people here (as crazy as it seems) are that tech savvy.
The government already blocks things like pornography and other such sites from being accessed. You could type in and a big fat:
Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.21.58 AM.png

Maybe the Koreans were looking at other ways around this potential crypto ban by joining Steemit? Ultimately, Steemit is a social media platform that pays out to content creators and curators in Steem/STD, so they can say to their government that they are just interacting on a social media platform and not doing any harm. They will get Steem for participation, but that is because the blockchain for this crypto allows it and rewards their users. No gambling involved here as one does not need to put in their own money into Steem at any time, yet it does help if you do with influence etc.
This community will grow once people spread the word and others find it.

Littel bid need to advertiz of steemit in pakistan on tv or paper news etc . steemit team have to work bit on advertis of in pakistan

Yeah, altcoin to the moon!


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This Korean news is so fake. With those who access to South Koreans are well informed that minors will be prohibited, anonymity will be attempted to be removed and tax regulation etc will come into play. But the ban news is fake.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable information, if Asia will be the great marketing of steem, India will be the leading country with a second largest populated country. Thanks friend, we can see the future of steem in the sky high. Thanks for sharing such an awesome message.

I have always liked these geographical stats posts. I bet this correlates to the south Korea crypto explosion too

I think this is the best blockchain on the market right now. We will be going to new highs soon. @gavvet

Korea steemit is still very eager to be a front end pioneer and the center of innovation step by step.
I hope the quality and quantity of steemit would develop more globally :)

Im glad to see Africa is benefiting from blockchain and other efficient technologies to help encourage growth in their local communities.

great news!!! There is no limit for STEEM. This year is incredible and there is no excuse because we will not go too much.

might be something to do with the speed of their networks as well, adoption and processing, checking, doing things would be RIFE there if they can get a 100mb free public wifi in the subway system. i'd be on it all the damn time trading! :)

Great post thanks

Great post thanks for sharing this post

Your stats are so helpful in determining who the most committed players are here on steemit. South Korean President didn’t get very far when he tried to stop crypto currancies. I think the people spoke. What do you think is the hang up with Americans? 🐓🐓

Very interesting, because they want to keep crypto from their people, especially bitcoin.

One country should stop people from using
or trading in cryptocurrency but should educate it's people about its advantage and disadvantage and than let the people decide

Great to see the growth, but it is still a very small community. I see South Africa is very quiet on the graphs!! I have tried to introduce steem to so many people, but most is skeptical, even when I show them my wallet, they still don't start steeming!!

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