Now that STEEM is MIT Licensed, just what exactly would a STEEM clone be competing against?

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Steem is a little over a year old and we have seen it become significantly diversified with global coverage.

Lets look at the stats for just April alone.

Sessions from the top ten countries are as follows:

The US naturally dominates but is now less than 40% of all traffic.

Its interesting that Germany and South Korea find themselves in the top 5 and Spain is also in the top 10

This speaks to the fact that there are community initiative to promote specifically these foreign languages (German, Spanish, Korean)on

Russian was also featured early on although we see less Russian language posts, now that golos is around.

Indonesia has clearly grown organically through word of mouth and kinship connections, as a significant part of social network usually propagate.

As we dip into some of the countries we see that there is widespread penetration:

1.The US

2.The UK



5.South Korea






Steemit has even spread to continents that are not primarily english speaking.

South America


...and the islands of the sea.

Basically, where there are people and there is internet, STEEM and are there.

That's what a clone would have to compete with at this stage.

I suspect first mover advantage goes to STEEM.

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@gavvet, that's right, in Indonesia especially in aceh, steemit is growing from mouth to mouth, while enjoying a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, steemit is often the topic of our conversation, I myself got information about steemit from my best friend while we were drinking coffee.


How much SP does Indonesia own?


@clayop, If that's me do not know it ;)


Haha okay :)


Haha Happy to meet and have followed you :)


I love the strong flavor of SEA coffee! yum... :)


@deanlinu You have to try the gayo plain coffee coming from aceh, it's amazing, it's nice to get to know your coffee enthusiasts 😀

Very interesting ... steem has been global and I myself as a citizen of Indonesia and especially Aceh province dominate it in my country. I myself was introduced by my friend. Thank you for sharing information.


It's so amazing seeing everybody unite under one common purpose, global peace.

Very well formulated post! I have always been curious to see the data you have presented in this post.
Is there an application you used to gather the data?

Thank you for your support and contributions you have given to the SteemIt community!
Steem on,


This is the Google Analytics data for the site.

I do more detailed analysis with the entire data-set in other aplications but GA is sufficient in this case to visualize the data adequately.


Didn't know that. Thank you for your response and keep up the great work!
Have a great day!


I couldn't agree more, every piece of the post had my mind racing with Steem Power.

Wow!!! We, the majority of inhabitants on the planet Earth who don't speak English have internet? Awesome

It's good information, keep on updating information about the global steemit user statistics

I could see clones fulfilling the needs of a smaller niche topic for users around the world. Maybe a steem clone for users of VW Bugs all around the world just as an example off the top of my head.

Scaling Steem/Steemit up should be good for everyone. Forking the code to create different sites and currencies may mean none would get big. I'm not sure Golos was such a great idea. Would be better to have ways to filter Steemit by language, and not just using tags

Fantastic report! Makes me wonder WTF is up with Wyoming being the only state w/out a dot.

The plan of world domination is taking shaping ;)


The world is dominated already ... by greed. How many people own the majority of Steemit?

Excellent article, especially the graphics. Nice with a little pep talk!

We have a great first mover advantage, and aside from that we have a willingness to hard fork. Bitcoin has largely failed to incorporate the innovations of its competitors, but Steem can do exactly that as long as we retain this political will, and the effective decision making system we have now.

IMO, South Korea at 3% of the site traffic is HUGE. It seems that they don't really use Google over there, dominates search. And since there's no 'Naver Trends' we can't dig into Korean search trends effectively. The kr tag is clearly growing quite effectively though.

Excellent article, geuss im the only one from Algeria lol, it's so good to see Steem is growing up.

It's weird that the country with 1.3 billion people and over 350mil middle class people with money to burn can't get on Steemit. The new hardfork ruined it even more by converting images to the steem hosting site. Now my Chinese friends can't even see the photos but can read the text. They used to see the photos.

They can't sign up either just enjoy reading my post, the whole google captcha thing.

And so much Crypto is in China, like tons of the stuff, Chinese love BTC.

For a platform that wants to be a world leader it sure has gone out of it's way to ensure a significant chunk of the BTC money never gets on the platform. Weird.

It's like my posts don't pay out like they used to but I kept writing and was always to happy to share my post on Chinese social media just to get some conversation going over there. Steemit was a journal I shared with my Chinese friends and groups am in.

But now they are all saying "I can't see the photos". It really sucks.

I liked it better when I could post using a 3rd party that wasn't blocked here, which I can use all of them, Tinypic and imagepost I chose most often work here.

Steemit took my freedom to decide where I host my photos

Facebook, Twitter and Google are desperate to get into China and the Steemit dev's are pushing it away. It's baffling. It doesn't make sense to me. Is there a reason anyone can share?

I don't get why.


Steemit didn't take anything away from you. You can still host your pictures wherever you want and insert the links in your posts like you used to.


that's I what do. I use or tinypic and then post.

For example. I just uploaded this screen grab of this comment as i write it.

Now if you right click it choose copy address. Now paste it to the browser. It says (remove '?')
But this is the link i posted (remove the "?")

It converted. I did not choose that.

Is it only me?


Oh okay, so I've not noticed that before now. SteemitImages should only be used for people that are uploading directly from their computers or phones. It shouldn't just override everything.

Now I get your point.


Gosh, he link is so complicated. You should try imgur or worst case 9gag.


Do you get the same thing if you use instead of


I don't know. I just use old school steemit editor.


I mean from a reader's perspective.

Never mind, I just checked myself, it seems to use the same system as has the correct link, but that's not very good for reading posts...


I think the solution may be for someone to modify the Steemit code and host it within China, with its own image hosting solution. It could dynamically change links to its own url. Perhaps Steemit Inc should do this but it would be possible for anyone, as the code is open source.


Imgur works well. does it work in China? You don't have to sign up. Just go straight upload and you can upload from you PC or url, then copy the image location. It works well with steemit


yep those work in china. but that won't fix the issue. since the fork, i noticed anyways, they all switched to steemitimages hosting.

Thank you for posting @gavvet.

Very interesting information and is amazing really. One realizes that daily..... one is contact with people from all over the world, however this post really puts it in perspective and in ones mind causes that information to go to awesome. Now the information has a visual.

Appreciate your work and attention to detail.

Wicked information, I just discovered I wasn't the only one on Haida Gwaii Steeming! Niiiiiiceccccce! Thanks a bunch! Namaste :)

How happy to see me there on the map of South America! I think I contribute with my grain of sand to grow Steemit in my region (San Juan, Argentina). I created Steemit Argentina on Facebook and Twitter so that more people can know about steemit. And in the month and days that I'm here, I have more than 1100 post so I'm sure that this blue spot is me. Thanks for showing us that, I loved it! Lets go steemit! Lets go steemians!

No Philippines? How about SA? @giantbear came in with around 60 students

wow god inläg thanks

thanks for sharing. I am glad to see Indonesia ranked the top 10 steemit users, and I am very proud to see the populality that uses the people of Aceh in the country of Indonesia.
Upvote and resteem.!! @gavvet

I believe that we are taking the necessary steps to steemit, keep your growth.

Excellent post dear friend @gavvet very good information, very interesting the information that the information throws, thank you very much and reesteemit the post to contribute with the diffusion

Excellent post! I like your work My friend

Wow, this is good news for people living in the country of ten, I am living in Indonesia very proud, because my country can be the eighth place in the list, I appreciate it, thanks for you @gavvet

Awesome post @gavvet
In USA people's mind change like weather. If they just see a small trend slopping downwards they will take action and try and take another path. If they stay on that path and divert small steps it might generate more accounts on steemit.

Australia reppin'!

When we have communities, I hope we can give all these different languages and cultures a place to breathe.

When Steem goes in the right direction, that's a great thing. But more competition is coming and it has already been very healthy in my opinion.

Interesting statistics!
Where is China? ;)

I'd like to see a clone that has a far larger scale initial distribution, say a snapshot of BTS, BTC and another couple cryptos. Being able to transfer steemit users an BTS UIA would pretty much eliminate the need for another blockchain though..

Thank you friend @gavvet for information. I'm from Ukraine. I love Steemit and make my small contribution. I hope it is also good for the community because I get a lot here!


I think you're a big blue dot in the Western part of the map. Look post below.

Tell me, where do you get this information? I would be interested to know how much my countrymen Ukrainians, are here.

cool that you can map all that out. i ahve no idea how you found that info, Im not much of an interneter

where did you get the numbers from? this is nice research! :)

You did a great job. Interesting statistics. This is interesting. I think we all need to see and understand our movement and development on the way Steemit. Good to know that the community is growing. Expanding the map of accession of the various countries and States.
Thank you for Your work. I'm from Russia.
Follow You. resteem and posting links to my Twitter feed