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Twitter gives you the reach to talk to a massive audience.

  • Do you Tweet?
  • Would you like to see some stats on who the biggest Steemit Tweeters are?

Each week I analyse and publish a summary of the tweets with the keyword Steemit from around the world.

Twitter is more than just a news source. It is one of the most influential media outlets today. Everyone from the President of the United States to the Pope are on it. By analysing who is posting on Twitter about Steem/it we can get some interesting insights about geographical activity as well as trends in media penetration.

This report is still a work in progress so please let me know if you spot anything a bit unusual

Global Activity

This first graph shows the number of Steemit Tweets Globally for the past 7 days.
i.e. the number of Tweets where Steemit has been mentioned (ex retweets)

Global Tweets_1.png

Who were the top Tweeters?
Top Tweeters by followers_2.2.png

Top Tweeters by frequency_2.1.png
These counts of top tweeters only include tweets that we could geolocate

It's not possible to get the exact location of all tweets but the following analysis includes a representative sample of global twitter activity.
Global Activity_3.png
Red dots = population centers with no Tweets
Green dots and Size represent the number of Tweets

Breakdown by Region

Global Activity_3.1.png

Global Activity_3.2.png

Global Activity_3.3.png

Global Activity_3.4.png

Global Activity_3.5.png
Global Activity_3.6.png

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Good post:)!!

geoff_deweaver Geoff De Weaver 🇺🇸 tweeted @ 08 Mar 2018 - 11:36 UTC

Bitcoin is 'noxious poison' and honey badger don't care — Steemit… /

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Intereating post @eroche , thanks for sharing

Nice info, thanks for the update @eroche

Good update information about twitter. Good job.... keep it up @eroche

The numbers are still high. So some reduction of course doesn't make people panic. It's OK if the community continues to grow to recruit new users.

Wow! This is very cool information broken down perfectly and understandable. One of the most positive hints we can get from my perspective is the fact that within such a short time Steemit has become globally "on fire". This is the main harbinger towards a worldwide boom. Many people here expect Steemit to thrive but I think it will happen more quickly than most can fathom.

Thank you! Just the piece of info I needed now!