Post Payout Report 8th Aug - 14th Aug

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This report provides a snapshot of posting activity on the Steem Blockchain over a 7 day period.

  • How much is paid out on posts?
  • What groups are getting the payouts?

Total number of posts is comparable to last week which is a good sign. Posts are down slightly but Steemians are still posting despite the reduced rewards.

  • The distribution to individual accounts was flatter last week than the week before but we have one large outlier. One poster is getting almost 4 times as much as the next in terms of payouts in a week.
  • The aggregate payouts in the week are also down. This is driven by the Steem Price. Remember a fixed amount of Steem is produced each week but the value (in dollars) varies as the price fluctuates.

Without a doubt money talks. Many are attracted to Steemit for the rewards. A rise in price correlates to increased user activity and increased funds for distribution via the reward pool. Focusing on the payouts of posts we can get a feel for a key driver of activity on Steem/it

This report is divided into 3 sections. In the first section we analyse individual post payouts in detail. In the second section we take a weekly view focusing on the relationship between different types of authors. The final section looks at the top 50 payouts by individual account.

We separately analyse the Payouts by:

  • Reputation of Author
  • Steem Power
  • Date of Joining / Duration
  • Automated vs Manual Posts
    This Automated/Manual categorisation is based on frequency of posting activity over the 7 days

The data for this report is sourced from by @arcange

Payouts per Day (ex comments)

Over this 7 day period there was a total pending payout of 295k $ (as of yesterday).

  • The mean payout per post is 1.87 $
  • The median payout per post is 0.03 $.

The next graphs shows the breakdown of these figures on a daily basis.

Payouts Per Day_1.png

Mean Payout Per Day_2.png

Individual Posts

As can be seen from the difference between the median and the mean post payout there are some large outliers. This next graph shows the payout on individual posts for each of the last 7 days.
Payouts per Post_3.png
Each dot represents a single post

Daily totals give a high level overview but we can examine subdivisions or groups of authors to get further insights into who getting the posting rewards, and who is posting.

The colour in the following graphs represent different cohorts of Steemit Accounts. This highlights activity on these different groups of accounts.


It can take a while to build your reputation and the system is designed so that it is easy to lose it. You don't want to get downvotes from people with higher Rep!
How much are posts making each day for people of different Reputations?

Payouts per post Rep_3.1.png

Steem Power

Steem is a stake weighted platform. If you have more stake your vote is worth more.

How much are posts making each day for people with different levels of Steem Power?

Payouts per post SP_3.2.png

Account Duration

The first accounts were created in April 2016. We are now past the 1m account mark. Absolute number is important but retention is also important. * How many people who joined over the course of the last year are still posting? * Who is creating the bulk of the daily content?

How much are posts making each day for people that have been on Steem/it for different lengths of time?

Payouts per post Duration_3.3.png

Automated Accounts

If there is one, what is the number of comments a day that we could use to identify automated accounts?

  • I would propose anything higher than 4 posts per day (on average) uses some sort of automation. This number may not be correct but it's a starting point for our analysis.
  • Automated accounts may post daily reports or in some cases may just be people spamming the system with low quality content or content copied from other sources. Not all automated posts are bad and some provide a useful function such as daily statistics, market analysis etc. Splitting out these automated accounts will be more relevant for comment activity however it's also worth tracking for posts.

How much are automated posts making each day?

Payouts per post Type_3.4.png

It is useful to look at numbers of posts on a daily basis but aggregating over a longer period gives us additional insights.

Posts per Week

In the second section we take a weekly view of post payouts with the aim of identifying different cohorts of posters over the week.

Let's examine the breakdown of the weekly post payouts by the categories we have looked at before.

Reputation and Duration Since Account Creation

Reputation and Duration_4.1.png

Reputation and Steem Power

Reputation and SP_4.2.png

Duration Since Account Creation and Steem Power

Duration and SP_4.3.png

We can also split the data slightly differently to look at these features. The remaining graphs in this section look at Posting Activity with account Creation Date Plotted on the x axis.
Created and Rep_5.1.png
Created and SP_5.2.png

In this third and final section we look at aggregate payouts over the week on individual accounts.
Author Payouts_6.png

  • The top few posters really skew this image. Lets look in more detail by highlighting the authors of the different categories we have looked at before.
    =Author Payouts Rep_6.1.png
    Author Payouts SP_6.2.png
    Author Payouts Duration_6.3.png

If your looking for more daily statistics:

  • @arcange produces daily reports with really useful data.

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What area of this report did you find most useful?
I would love any feedback to improve or clarify any of this analysis.

Thank you for reading this. I write on Steemit about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Travel.

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Very good inform brother.
Well, work.

There seems to be a problem in Let'sEat
I can't make a post today
Every time I look for the address of the restaurant that I want to post there is always a problem or error


Is it when you type an address or select a place from the map or list view?


This happens when I enter an address


Thanks for reporting this. I'll check it out.


I hope this will soon return to normal


There is an updated version of the app on the play store with this issue fixed. Thanks again for pointing it out.

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