Check the Current Number of Steemit Users!

in #statistics4 years ago

If you are interested in the numbers and statistics behind the website, you might wanna know, that there are over 131'000 created accounts and most of them are on the low level "newbie". You can all numbers of users with different levels and even the high level and what a high level means.

There are a few more stats available such as the activity of the steemit users. You can find more about activity of users, number of users, mining and distribution by checking out the website


Thanks for the useful post.

Its very much informative people have finding out it and serching for it thanks for your informative posts.

Unfortunately this isn't a good way to tell how many are "real" users. Many have multiple accounts for various reasons including mining. There are also users that have created 1000's of accounts for sale or bots.

I haven't been around for a couple months but someone used to post statistics on daily users. I need to find it. :)

I think you are looking for this guy ^^