How much waste do you produce on daily basis?

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I wondered how long does it takes for me to produce the waste / trash/ garbage that weights like I do (70 kilograms / 154 pounds).

Well, I didn't take measures of each piece of trash that I throw in my trash bin, first I had to inform myself and check some statistics. I found very interesting data but it varies from county to country and from continent to continent. As I thought so, the golden rule is: RICHER COUNTRY - MORE WASTE! But it also depends about culture and behavior of people. These are all average numbers, and there are always exceptions and individuals who care more or less than others. And much more waste is generated in urban places than in rural places.

I'm a European, so let's talk about Europe first.

An average European makes 1.44 kilograms / 3.17 pounds of waste on daily basis. To produce garbage that weights as me, I need 49 days. In Europe, 65% of waste is biodegradable (organics, paper and cardboard) and 35% are non - biodegradable materials. An average European makes 0.5 kilograms / 1.1 pounds of non - biodegradable waste every day and it would take 140 days for me to produce my own weight of that waste.

Now, let's check my own country, because Croatia is slightly below European average.

An average Croat makes 1.1 kilograms / 2.42 pounds of waste every day. It takes 64 days for me to build a pile of waste that weights as me. But 65% of our waste is biodegradable, so an average European makes 0.358 kilograms / 0.85 pounds of non - biodegradable waste every day and to make the pile of waste that weights as be, it takes 182 days.

I found out that the most of world's waste is produced in US.

A daily average for a person is 2.2 kilograms / 4.8 pounds. So, if I lived there, and if I was an average American, I would produce my own weight in waste for 32 days. In America, 60% of waste is biodegradable (organics, paper and cardboard). So we can count on that 60% of waste in US will disappear within a year, so an American produces 0.88 kilograms / 1.92 pounds of waste that is not biodegradable every day. To produce my weight only with non - biodegradable waste, it would take 80 days.

It's very hard to find this information for Asia.

The largest continent comes with largest differences and an average man can produce from 0.4 kilograms / 0.88 pounds up to 2 kilograms / 4.4 pounds of waste every day, depends in which county you are. But the average is 1.5 kilograms / 3.3 pounds so it would take 47 days for me to make my own weight made by waste. If we count that 65% of Asian waste is biodegradable, let's check the part that isn't (35%). Asians, in average produce 0.53 kilograms / 1.16 pounds on non - biodegradable waste, so it would take 132 days for me to build a pile of garbage of my own weight.

South America is not so large continent, but still they have big differences from country to county.

And it depends more on tourist season and tourists make more waste in South America than people who live there. However, their daily average per person is 1.3 kilograms / 2.9 pounds, and I would spend 54 days to build my 70 kilograms there. When we count with that 60% of waste there is biodegradable, the average South American produces 0.52 kilograms / 1.14 pounds of non - biodegradable waste every day and if I was one of them, it would take 135 days to make my own weight of non - biodegradable waste.

The data for Australia is very similar to Europe.

Almost identical. The average person makes 1.43 kilograms / 3.15 pounds of waste every day and it would take 49 days for me to build a trash pile that weights as me. If we talk about non - biodegradable waste (35%), that would take 141 days.

The lowest producers of waste in the world are Africans.

Each of them produces 0.65 kilograms / 1.43 pounds of waste every day and it would take 108 days for me to collect my own weight of waste there. Their waste is 65% biodegradable, so 35% is not, and each African makes 0.23 kilograms / 0.5 pounds of non - biodegradable waste every day. It would take 303 days for me to make my own weight of non - biodegradable waste if I was in Africa.

So, an average African makes 3.75 times less waste than an average American.

I found this information mostly HERE, but I had to Google much more for some places.

Thank you!

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I hate trash and I surrounded by trash. Africa has it going on! I apologize for all the trash my friend. @dumar022, Steem On!

I feel that you are below the American average! @luvbnamome mentioned few times that you are aware of ecology

Fun fact: Average baby produces about a ton of waste just in disposable diapers during the diaper period which is about 2 years.

Nice, so I became above average waste producer in Croatia... and if I dump my car this year (1000 kilos) I will be really catastrophe for environment

Its mind boggling to see how much we waste! To be honest it hurts... there are so many people that are starving and we throw perfectly good food away. Shameful to say the least.

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Yes, you're right. The world average is 38% of wasted food in the trash and increases, same as the number of you, users who will gladly comment without upvoting

This is a good post, I really like it. Hopefully the next post is better than this. Thank you already share. And thank you too, If you get time, to see my post today and upvote and like it I am very thankful to you.

Thank you, although it's not wise to use that name

i do believe more waste are produced by more developed countries. Partly due to affluence and partly driven by legislation

Yes, you 're right

Consider planting a some trees .One thing at a time , we will save nature

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I'm in the US and I think its interesting my household has about a 50%/50% ratio of recyclables to trash. I hate to think of all the materiel that is in the landfills that could have been recycled over the years!

Yes, I know...

The bigger consumers we are, the more waste we produce.
We, as individuals must think more about what we could recycle.