Nassim Nicholas Taleb II

in statistics •  5 months ago

Best page on the general thoughts and essays from Mr. Taleb


virtue is precisely what you don’t advertise

invert your traditional conception of “conflicts of interest” . “no conflict, no interest,” if you’re not involved, how can you talk about it?

in a healthy society being a politician should be one of the least sought after offices, as it should require much sacrifice, listening, and mental discernment/rumination

the problems with scale and size, the illusion that size makes strength… things are continuously on the s curve, position and reposition yourself to take advantage of antifragility and optionality

the exploitation of drug is trying to sell product to mildly ill people, which does nothing but poses long-term risk in exchange for large and immediate profits.

a healthy world relies on commerce … a sick world relies on war

equity should be the driver, or colateralized debt, not leveraged irresponsible debt.

the difference between linear harm and nonlinear harm

Food and health, alter patterns, shocks to system … our sickening, artificial food system

The circularity of studies and theories … the over correlation in data mining dozens or hundreds of variables… lack of replicability for theoretical papers

Abuse of the word “expert”, most are speculative talking theoretical heads that have no skin in the game when things blow up.

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visitando su trabajo siempre,saludos desde venezuela


paz ... y buena suerte

Essays are highly qualified. Nasir Nicholas Taleb's concept is very interesting and good.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Nice concepts and theories. This will be a fun discussion.