Time to SWAP some ETH to STA with UNISWAP & Metamask! STATERA (STA) to the MEWN!! 🚀 🚀

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Screen Shot 20200614 at 3.30.59 PM.png STA About to break out!!

Word on the street - STA about to pump at least 10 - 20X more!

Screen Shot 20200612 at 8.50.12 PM.png I just picked up my very first STATERA stacks, and you should too!

Screen Shot 20200612 at 9.06.19 PM.png

Swapping to STATERA

Step 1 - Log into Metamask or open a new account & fund it with some ETH and add the official STATERA (STA)contract address.

Screen Shot 20200612 at 8.44.03 PM.png
STATERA (STA) Contract Address:


Next go to uniswap V1 and initiate a swap with your Metamask wallet!


Screen Shot 20200612 at 8.41.50 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200612 at 8.41.32 PM.png

All done!

That was it, now check your Metamask wallet, you should see your new tokens. STATERA to the mewn!! 🚀
Screen Shot 20200612 at 8.41.15 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200612 at 9.04.40 PM.png

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Thank you very much for the link, good luck

great work bro :)

Interesante amigo @coininstant… Hay que expandir los horizontes.
Interesting friend @coininstant... We must expand the horizons.

Interesting , We'll have to give you a check... Thank you

Hola @coininstant, siempre con algo nuevo que probar. Gracias.

Hello @coinstant, always with something new to try. Thank you.

impressive but i have no enough money to invest here.
thanks again for sharing. @coininstant.

Se ve bien habrá que darle una chequeada… Gracias.

It looks good. We'll have to give you a check... Thank you.

thanks for new info! good luck

Thanks 😊 sir for sharing here I find new
wallet information 👍 through your blog post.

Tendré que comenzar a entender esto un poco más, veo que tienes buena información le daré un vistazo. Gracias por el dato.

I'll have to start understanding this a little more, I see you have good information I'll take a look at it. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah Metamask can be a very secure decentralized wallet and exchange system alternative!

Parece muy sencillo, gracias por el consejo @coininstant.

thank you for the information, and good luck

any exchange is good for trading STA?

Right now u can trade it on etoro, however it is just as easy to use metamask and uniswap to convert! I made some ETH already trading in this decentralized way!!

Excellent work. Thanks for sharing

for you

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