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What is Primas?

The Primas DApp connects creative people.

By building trust and rewarding the creation of and interaction with premium quality content, the Primas movement aims to bring credibility, accountability, and humanity back to the Internet. Primas is a place where you make the rules and can openly share ideas with those willing to listen.

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These days, the substance biology is confronting a progression of agony, including the issue of validity from over-burden data, the duplication of computerized substance, the flooding of theft, the decay of value from eyeball economy, and the mediation from unified stage. Primas, an as of late showed up blockchain application, is devoted to construct a progressively legitimized, straightforward, and important substance biological system.

Primas makes one of a kind DNA for each unique work, recording the creator, distribute time, finger impression and other unique information. While seeing a message, obviously when and by whom the message was distributed, and furthermore who made any change to it. The entire way and approval methods for reprints could be effectively followed regardless of what number of spots reprints show up, making Primas a decentralized entryway to content.

In the meantime, Primas has set up a recently made open substance assessment framework, under which the esteem rating isn't just determined by snaps yet in addition by in general proposal, spreading and writer's credit, estimating the incentive in width and inside and out.

Primas assessment framework adjusts clients' intelligent record including like, remark, forward, and republish, weighted in an unexpected way. Each intuitive activity has a specific cost, at that point, the framework will naturally evaluate the estimation of the article. For instance, sending is more significant than certain preferences, and republishing is more profitable than sending. Relative record esteems are present in within framework, setting up a scientific model with various loads in various components to channel low-quality substance and level up the general quality. The brilliant contract of blockchain could make the creator set the cost of sending and republishing naturally without human intercession.

Description of the project:
Primas is an open ecosystem for the publishing, recommendation, and transaction of content. The Primas team is committed to using blockchain and other technologies to restructure the content market, so as to solve the problem in which quality content is hardly recognized, disseminated and paid for. Decentralized content sourcing and recommendation mechanism bring quality content to users; a brand-new content evaluation system ensures direct benefits to the producers of quality content; the tamper-proof property of the blockchain provides copyright protection for original writers. And decentralized data management offers better protection for user’s privacy.

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Primas likewise thinks about the counteractive action of encroaching, replicating, and composing profane substance. Each record has its FICO rating considered a piece of the substance assessment list, which is chosen by amount, quality, and quantities of articles and PST. Unique writers need to bolt some portion of its PST that will be discharged 7 days after the fact when posting new articles. All things considered, the design is to ensure the astounding substance. When a few substances are accounted for as encroaching and replicating and are checked by observers, Primas will decrease the PST in creator's record specifically just as decay its acknowledge rate, which thus will have the effect on posting new substance and procurement of motivations.

Additionally, in Primas framework, clients can pick their intrigued network without anyone else, guaranteeing that it won't be controlled by any incorporated calculation. And the various important data is straightforward and open.
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