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There are many people that do good in this world, just because they feel that they have to do that, or it may be from religion from God or whatever. Doing good brings good back, this is called Karma. Not just with good , whatever goes around comes back around. But doing good to others always results to the best things. This is why some amazing people that love doing good to others created a platform with this attractive name KARMA to attract people to make awesome things to those who are in need for help and earn with Karma tokens. By validating goods that others do as a witness or give karma to family members friends or anyone that you want to make a good too.

What is KARMA?
As a summary KARMA is one social network that is decentralized that is designed to incentive people to do good things and receive Karma for helping out anyone.

This application has a very good idea on the best way to give back. You accomplish something decent for somebody and post it on the application. Others see what you've done and upvote or downvote the post. The more upvotes you get the more karma you win to spend in their store or at vendors that acknowledge karma! It's a constructive input circle that boosts individuals to do beneficial things all around the globe! It has the system like the Steem Blockchain works.


Inside KARMA, users will almost certainly up-vote different users posts. Like a "like" on traditional online networking, this will give the substance maker input concerning what type of substance others react to decidedly. Up-cast a ballot inside KARMA are not just likes. They are likewise a users approach to give a vote a role as to where KARMA in the reward pool is to be apportioned to content makers.


The downvote is a incredible part of KARMA. It is the best instrument for network self-guideline on posts and users who are endeavoring to amusement the normal system of Karma. It is to the greatest advantage of the natural community for users to downvote posts/occasions that they feel are no doubt spam, misuse or did not really happen.

On each KARMA post, users will be able to remark and share their considerations. In the soul of the KARMA people group, users are urged to remark constructive musings also, anything that could increase the value of the stage.

How to Earn KARMA?

The focal point of the KARMA venture is to move and boost people to make a move and help people around them. users can win KARMA through the application by making a difference others, posting the connection as a photograph or video and afterward accepting upvotes from different users on the application. This is the most perfect approach to gain KARMA. It includes the most incentive to the biological system and all the more critically exponentially affects the lives of others.

Karma works on smartphones as a android and apple version that anyone can download and have an account on. here I drop the links ;
Get it on Play store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.karmaapp.karma&hl=en_US
Get it on App store - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/karma-social-network-for-good/id1446344513?mt=8

But there is a problem that I do not how to resolve and there is no information on Help center or something on how to create an account if you get errors like I got...

you need to login but if you do not have account you need to create one, the application seems to designed very well but may have a bug;

My suggestion would be to put more instructions, have an help center and fix the bugs... Otherwise the application looks so amazing and seems to be useful..

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