Earn money by answering polls with Lumeos

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What is Lumeos?

Lumeos is a social polling application which allows users to create polls and answer questions and earn tokens. A person has the right for its data and can monetize the data by allowing data sharing options. So it is fully controlled by a person that has an account. It is based on EOS blockchain with few custom permissions. Anyone can use it freely and in exchange get free LUME tokens. Currently, the team is on making networking around the globe, with a focus on students.

This is the Introduction video by Lumeos

https://lumeos.io - This is the website of Lumeos

How does it work?
To be able to use this application you need to configure your number and you will receive an SMS to download the application for your phone in ios or android. But unfortunately, I did not receive any SMS after writing my phone number a few times. With a guess that it is in development mode maybe this can be a reason for not receiving an SMS.

Powered by the Lumeos Protocol, your data will be cryptographically "locked" so only you (or 3rd parties you allow) can access. Also, you can import your entire set of Facebook, Twitter, and Google data meaning your valuable data comes under your direct control, via a single, easy-to-use interface. Finally, regular users like you can be in charge of monetizing your own data. Welcome the future of decentralized data control!

What are the problem and the solution?

The team found an important problem to solve and their model is great as explained in the whitepaper and how it functions, but I couldn't test it because of the SMS. I hope it will be fixed soon so I can give it a real try because it hooked me up. And I wish good luck to Lumeos team and the future of this interesting project.

What is State of the DApps
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My next Review for social dapp based on any blockchain will be: Share2Steem

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