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The world is evolving and so is the inhabitants.People are now venturing into ecommerce from small business to large scale, E-commerce is the way. With this invention, blockchain is making sure it is not left behind by making use of its technology.
For every collector out there, one thing they love to have is an easy access in getting their desired interest.Having a one stop location for you to acquire things you can add to your collection is a great achievement. This is where openseacomes in.E-commerce makes it easy for people to shop to their heart content in one spot and at their convenience.It gives you time to think about your choice before selection and also saves you the time and stress of shopping.
Opensea is a decentralized dapp built on the Ethereum blockchain by Alex Atallah and Devine Finzer in November of 2017.Now known as the place to get valued items relating to crypto and also the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles.For a collector,openseais offering you a life of convenience and ease.As a p2p place and also known as the ebay of crypto assets where you can get anything relating to crypto that a collector can have like gaming items and virtual goods.
The more the blockchain expand, the more increase opensea goods volume rises.With over 120 categories and 3million goods with beat prices they sure deserve to be called the largest crypto marketplace out here.
There success can be termed from the platform/community the blockchain provides coupled with the users and developers in the community.

Opensea was established as a decentralized open source so as to provide convenience to crypto lovers and collectors and also a means whereby investors of crypto items can make money off things they had prior investment in.They are providing a store in the cloud in place of your physical store.By building tools like accounting and easy integrations for developers, opensea is the best place to market and buy crypto items.


  • My Offers: Here you can see the bids for the items you wanted.

  • My Items: This is where your items you have for sale are listed.

  • W-ETH Station: W-ETH (WΞ), wh

  • Sell a bundle: This is the section where you set your items with price and your sell method.

  • My Activity: This is where everything you are up to on the platform is been displayed.


  • They are providing a common ground for crypto lovers to share interest.

  • They are providing people with a store in an online space.

  • Using their platform to drive more people to blockchain.


  • Restricted goods: it is only for crypto people and not the world in general.

  • The site is not for users who are not versatile with crypto.

I love the fact that they taught of this on the blockchain.They are making life easy for collectors who go above and beyond to search for their sole of interest through legal or illegal means. Opensea is making this easy for them to get what they want at the time they want time.Also providing a store in the cloud for business people by cutting the middlemen who profits from these businesses without doing anything.

I will be rating this dapp 4.5/5