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One thing that has cut across many entity and nationality is game. The game has made a lot of enemies friends, poor people rich, an introvert an extrovert. It has made some leave their shell to explore. This generation has seen a lot of improvement from internet games to the best of all virtual games.
So far technology keeps improving on the daily and developers are working round the clock, we will always have good games on and off our mobiles.
With the creation of blockchain,the game world has seen a lot of positive explosion.So many wonderful gaming dapps are created on the daily to help us in relieving our stress and also investing and earning
One of the game dapp is Cryptodozer.Playing this game alone makes me feel like a champion and bill gate all in one.

Cryptodozer is a game built on Ethereum technology and also listed on thestateofthedapp Mew list due to its awesomeness. It is a game where you push your coins garnished with some dolls to earn yourself done Ethereum.


It is important you have any wallet that works with Ethereum in order to play the game. Mine is metamask which made it easier for me to sign in and begin to play.
After signing in,you can then get right into the game by clicking on the coin maker in other for it to release coin that will push the bulk coins.During your push,you get to see dolls and gift boxes in the midst of coin once in a while which amounts to a reward once successfully push into the right place.


Like all successful games, the more Ethereum you have the more interesting the game will be for you. Once you invest, be guaranteed of your return because you get dolls in your game and also some exciting coins. For instance, an XP coin will be thrown into the mix for you,once you are able to push it successfully into the bonus pit, you will be able to get an extra 5 coins. You will also be opportuned to level up faster and higher and also be rewarded with a rare doll or a unique one.


  • Coins: This section displays the number of coins you have left and the amount of time it takes to be filled or replaced.

  • My bag: All rewards and bonuses are saved in this bag which also serves as your wallet.

  • Wall: This is like a security wall that protects the coins from falling off.It is like a bonus that only works based on time and reward.

  • My Page: This is the landing page where the game is been played.

  • Ranking: This is where you see the top players and investors.

  • PLA: This is the token associated with the game which you can get buy using your Ethereum.


One important factor in the game are the keys to unlock the gift box. You will need to purchase these keys in other to unlock the gift boxes awarded to you. You can also donate to charity instead of exchanging your dolls for Ethereum.Cryptodozer partnered with UNICEF for people who would like to contribute and make a difference in the world today.


  • The landing page is colourful and very nice

  • All you need is an ERC-20 wallet to begin the game

  • The game does no rely on mass adoption to function.
    CryptoDozer is live now! Play the game and earn cute crypto dolls - Don't miss the chance to get your own unique doll for real 🐰🐹🐶 🐱

CryptoDozer is live now! Play the game and earn cute crypto dolls - Don't miss the chance to get your own unique doll for real 🐰🐹🐶 🐱


  • The game provides no challenge whatsoever to know our level of competence.

  • It is not easy for a novice to play unless you get someone to show you

  • The mobile app is not functional because the app still runs online.

  • Only at level 20 will you be able to start earning.


I will be rating this cryptodozer 3/5. Simply because it is straightforward and does not require you spending a lot of crypto at the beginning.

All images from the cryptodozer game page


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