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RE: Reviewing Steemmonsters | Join the Splinterlands

in #stateofthedapps2 years ago (edited)

Excellent review! Way to show all the basics in an easy to understand way. As you said, the site looks great and it is a blast to play!

And after many seasons, I had the pleasure of pulling a Gold Foil Legendary Reward card!!! What a rush!!!

Splinterlands has truly accomplished something special to be able to provide this level of engagement and entertainment on the blockchain.

I too am excited to see all the improvements that are coming!



Thank you @the.big.bang !

Congrats on the GFL ! Which one did you pull??? Happy for you, I remember pulling the Gold Foil Sacret Unicorn, what a rush indeed.

Very curious to see the new cards from the seed campaign as well, btw.. It's always fun to see new cards being introduced..

Have a great weekend!

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