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The World is changing in various aspects and the positive effects of those are being felt in our life. Technology and the evolution of it have made our life easier. Once there was a time when talented people had to search for their job from here to there and after so much hassle and efforts they get to find their desired so called job. While at the very end they do not get to like the job that they are doing but they just have to carry it on for the purpose of salary.

Time have changed now and job hunting and the people who are looking for their work done, internet have provided their space for both the receiver and the giver to take the opportunity that fits for them. In addition to that Decentralization is one of the key word that is evolving and making things easier for our life.

The Bounties Network

It is a network that is built on ETHEREUM Blockchain which rewards users for the contributions made by them in the form of Eth ( ERC20 tokens )

The decentralized Bounties Network helps users to find both the people who are interested in doing and giving the work in the marketplace of Bounties.Network


The official Website

How can someone be a part of The Bounties Network ?

To start the work with you will need to have access to the site and to store you hard earned tokens you will need a wallet (Which supports Blockchain based Tokens).

  • Metamask
  • Coinbase and others (for mobile users)

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The ways the whole process works

  • The Bounty is issued by a user with some detailed information (Should follow the process given by the website) .
  • The next step is followed by the BOUNTY HUNTERS (All across the world) who can hunt down those bounties according to their choice and if they meet their requirements then the HUNTER is good to go and keep on going with the task and complete it within the given duration.


I have completed the task, what is the next Step ?

This step requires a review form the given Bounty issuer once the task is submitted . As there will be many submission for the given task and once the review is completed by the task giver and he/she is satisfied with the work the BOUNTY HUNTER will be allocated with the allocated token and will be transferred to the given wallet of the Bounty Hunter.

As easy as that.

How is it different from other freelancing sites ?

One of the main problem for a freelancer in the freelancing world is getting the money from the site that he/she have worked upon, as they take a cut from the payment which does really affects the payment in a hard way. Bounties Network have eliminated that middle man and the full reward goes to the bounty hunter without any reduction of the money or any international fees.

Unlike other platform here is a review of your work system where both the Bounty Givers/Hunters can give a review to the work done by both the parties. So building a reputation over the platform with your high standard work is highly appreciable for your future work.


On the other hand as it is a crypto based platform so there will be some volatility on the reward depending on the time and situation and as there will be competition for almost each work which could have higher possibility of rejection of the work as well. So give the best while doing a task.

So over all I like the way how this platform is built upon and performing work and distributing the reward tokens in crypto , which ensures that there are going to be much more platforms like Bounties network in the coming days.

The Rating of the Dapp from me : 4 out of 5

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