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We are living in the era of advanced technology and blockchain is the latest in the list which is impacting positively in huge lives. Social media has become an important part of life and with this we feel connected with our near and dear ones. Social media not just limited for the connection with friends or family but it also has become a medium to earn money.

Today I am going to review one the of Dapp listed in State of the Dapp website under featured section. Name of this DApp is Cent which is new generation income generating social media network.

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Status in State of the DApps Website-

Cent Dapp is ranked at 89 among listed dapps in https://www.stateofthedapps.com website.

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Cent was submitted on DApp portal on 28 Aug 2017 and last it was updated on 25 Feb 2019. Below images represents the users, transactions and volume in graphical way.


Introduction of Cent:-

This is a social networking web portal where you can generate income for post, reply etc and that leads to reward. It is built on on Ethereum blockchain and decentralised in nature. . It was founded in the year 2017 and there are 154 active users in the platform.

How to use the Cent DApp-

You need to open their website- https://beta.cent.co/
After opening the website this type of page will open-


next step is to do the login. So if you have account already then login can be done else need to sign up first then login.

Need to input credentials to login-

After login various option are available-

Account - All account related information can be found here.
Drafts - Any unsent posts is available here.
Home - Navigate to home page using this option.
Help - If any support needed then use this option.
Vision - Cent has provided their vision map on their website which helps to understand more about the app and their road map.
Feedback - any idea, suggestion can be shared through this.
Leaderboard- Using this option you can see the account names earning wise on the rank.
Logout. To sign out of Cent.


Main Menu
this has two options. First one is used to show or hide various option window and another magnifer button is to search the content. You can search any topic as per your interest.

These two options are available at right top side of the page. One is to see notification ( activities and messages) and (+) button is to create a new post.

After clicking on (+) button below page opens which is to draft the post. There are options available to format the post.


In the centre of the page group of options available

To sum up and understand the functionality of all the buttons this is snapshot which is quite helpful to understand.

Since Cent is built on Ethereum platform so to process any transaction you must setup the wallet using ethereum wallet address. This wallet setup option available in account. All the earned rewards will get credit the ethereum wallet address provided.


What I liked about Cent-

  • The best part of Cent is that its built on Ethereum platform which highly used platform now a days to empower lots of projects. Ether's advanced technology makes it more powerful which make it even more powerful.
  • Login process is smooth and easy to use and you won't have to manager various keys to keep your account safe.
  • Reward generated will get credited to your provided ether wallet.
  • Cent is integrated with various popular social media channels which provide more option to us to share our content.
  • Cent cash out post rewards after 3 hours of the post and not like steemit which takes 7 days for payout.
  • User Interface is nice and easy to use and anyone can quickly undersstand about the portal.
  • Team is proactive in terms of development and introducing new features as they introduced Cent Messenger & Instant ETH Transfers

Area of Improvement-

There is nothing much to improve in terms of DApp development as team has already done a tremendous job and they are working to add more features. I think this is not much popular so user base is also less. Marketing team need to work on promotion side. They need to promote through various platforms including steemit. People are not aware and spreading awareness will bring more users on board to make it even better place.


I liked this concept of making money through social media. I am more active in Social Media and like me there are many people who spend lots of time and if they earn money along with that then its the best on that. Team has kept the account creation and website functionality so easy which is plus as people love using easy to things. I am impressed with the platform and suggest you to give it a try and I am sure you will like it.
My rating is 4.5 out of 5 star

They are available in almost all social media platform and here I have provided the links-

Website - https://beta.cent.co/
Twitter- https://twitter.com/cent
Medium- https://medium.com/cent-official
Telegram- https://t.me/centians
Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/r/cent