My Review for Media DApp-Musing (Ask Questions, Write Answers, Earn Cryptocurrency)

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Have you anytime thought of that you get rewards for making request or taking note of it. In case I state, Yes its possible by then would you confide in me? It might sound odd you may not confide in me but instead truth is that it is possible. a steem blockchain based online interface which compensate customers for asking and reacting to questions.

Desire Many of you ought to found out about Quora. Its Quora is a site a phase to make request and partner with people who contribute unprecedented answers and Musing continue running on a comparative thought.

Framework of

Contemplating is an easy to-use, question and answer arrange where you can get cryptographic cash (financial reward) for your dedication with the system! Upvotes are given subject to estimation of the request or answer and as analysis from your enthusiasts. Starting is as straightforward as structure up a Steemit record and stamping in using SteemConnect. Upvotes from the Steem blockchain can be changed over adequately to regular cash (ie USD). This resembles the notable Quora arrange, nobody yet you can get paid on this one! There's something for everyone!

Musing was launched in May 2018 and up to this point 30304 request are posted. This stage is built up by creator and designer @jonching and the stage has been growing rapidly starting now and into the foreseeable future.

Considering is a phase for making request and answer and its dependent on STEEM blockchain.

Any customer who may join this stage gets the passageway to make request and can react to various request. Upvote rewards are paid in sort of advanced cash (STEEM).

Here in Musing, customers make extraordinary request that can be upvoted and answered by people andif the fitting reaction is beneficial they are upvoted. Straightforwardly customers obtain compensates in sort of Steem tokens which can at whatever point be exchanged to USD. Contemplating have a plan set up to have their own token in this year by end of 2019.

Qualification Between Musing and Other Websites

  • At Musing, customer is ideal and compensated through the upvotes by the system people depending on the quality while with various destinations like Quota, Yahoo answers and Google, etc are extraordinary yet they don't remunerate customers for any substance creation.

  • Musing relies upon decentralized steem square chain while others are not concentrated they can blue pencil the substance in case they need.

The best strategy to Join

need to open

Joining Musing is astoundingly straightforward, and remarkably for customers who guarantee steem account. Since Musing relies upon steem blockchain and Steemit customers just need to sign in using their Steemit accreditations or Steemconnect to start using thisplatform. The people who don't have steemit account have the option in contrast to data trade on the login page of Musing.

I am sharing here all of the methods for Login/Sign-ups in Musing and how to use it-

Since I am existing customer of STEEM so have picked "Login with STEEM" elective

This page will open the accompanying and need to tap on Continue

Since my steemconnect capabilities are currently saved so I basically need to tap for me box


When I tapped for me then I have marked in and greeting page of Musing is at present open before me-

Posting a request in Musing excessively straightforward and single step process. Basically need to tap on "+" sign at right side over page.

Here is the situation of the request I have made with names too. Directly simply need to tap on submit get it's done.


My Feedback about Musing-

I delighted in this looking at stage as a lot as here for one request we find the opportunity to consider different evaluations. Everyone has various viewpoint and point of view about any subject or question. Considering gives the open entryway become increasingly familiar with that feelings here.

People love making request and offer their answers since they know whether its extraordinary then they are going to win reward and it influences them to make quality substance. In spite of the way that this stage is decentralized anyway the kind of compensation show it has makes people to swear off posting spam or futile substance.


This dapp is only wokring in online interface and dont have android or ios application. Since now a days adaptable applications are in serious intrigue yet NO application from Musing holding it down. Things are going convenient and I prescribe Musing to tackle it and release soon to grab more customers who are very application sweethearts.

By and by a days people love to share their viewpoints about the focuses they have interest and like to make request with no confinement. Decentralized nature of Musing makes it uncommon and exceptional.

Doubtlessly its improvement rate is speedy yet it has far to continue to might want to see it climbing to next measurement in coming weeks/months.

My Rating

I rate this stage 4 out of 5 and I find this dapp overflowing with potential.

What is State of the ÐApps

State of the dApps is a curated record of Decentralized Applications, similarly called ÐApps, on various blockchains. It was made to request and highlight made endeavors dependent on the Ethereum Blockchain, even more starting late they have included help for POA, EOS and Steem.


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